Forum will be closing on Feb 28

  • Hello Cataners,

    On Feb 28, 2022, the Catan Universe Froum will be put into "read-only" mode.

    We have decided to take this step for several reasons.

    Unfortunately, the forum software we use is no longer supported by the manufacturer, which means that we might sooner or later encounter compatibility or even security problems.
    The usage of the forum has decreased over the years and other platforms like Discord or Social Meida have taken its place. Unfortunately, it is no longer economical to operate one
    Due to the many different channels on which you can reach us, a certain inefficiency has unfortunately crept in. Requests were processed twice or three times, which meant that we could not help others quickly enough. We are trying to improve this by consolidating our structures.
    We invite all users of the forum to visit us on our Discord server:

    There you can still reach us and exchange with over 30,000 Cataners.

    Of course, we will also continue to be there for you via email:

    or write us on social media:

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