Join the Peoples PlayCatan Liberation Army

  • Post here to let them know what you are willing to do to get PlayCatan back up and running, like:

    Host the Site
    Crowd Source the purchase of the rights to PlayCatan
    Pay a sick monthly fee
    Paint Klaus Teuber's house
    Sue ExoZet Games for cruel and unusual punishment.....

    ME, I'm willing to pay 10X what I was paying just to have the single player version back.

  • @Sista

    VIVA LA REVOLUTION! I just heard the GREAT news; that PlayCatan will be coming back to us on February 18th! :dancer: :)


  • @Sista - I intend to win the Powerball tonight and then I could purchase the rights to PlayCatan and liberate it for all of us. ONE MORE DAY!!!!!

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