suggested changes

  • of course i am not satisfied by the current picture BUT i do see some positive developments.
    NOW it is possible to switch of the animations. great. less headache
    Also the speed can be increased to turbo.. it makes the game much faster.

    I still would like to have the following changes:

    a) i need an island without any depth. currently it approached this picture but still it is not flat. after a long number of games it is very disturbing for the eyes
    b) the colours on the field are not completely correct. the wheat, bricks and desert are to near to each other in colour, when playing fast games it is again difficult for the eyes.
    c) all menus and the dices do block the playing field,, it gives me less time to think when other players play.

    d) i play on my steam account.. the browser version still does not open. or hardly is accesable
    e) i want to play to other opponents not just computer. with a chat function

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