Meaningful Alternatives

  • I have been sitting here reading the posts, feeling truly sad. I have reopened the playcatan client a few times, just in case they had a change of heart, but no dice (not even a barbarian).

    So I was thinking about some alternatives, to get my catan fix:

    1. Play with friends on the real board.
    2. The iPhone version multiplayer online is not nearly as good as playcatan but about 100 times better than catanuniverse in the current state.
    3. Get a life and do something else, I am not even sure what other people do with free time, of which I get so little from my work and spending time with my friends and family, maybe check out a local community cooking class. I can see it now: "I will trade two eggs for one cheese", "I am going to rob you of your flour", "I brought my spy card, I TAKE what I want".
    4. We could petition to have a fan community hosting of playcatan with a limited time license. Maybe there are enough geeks around here to run it on an amazon server or something.
    5. Maybe find another online game community, I have tried so many German board games and like some well enough, BUT NOTHING COMPARES...

    Okay what other ideas do people have?

  • Using the Apple Store one until a better one comes along. At least you can start and finish games on it.

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