How would you rate cata universe (1 - 10 scale)

  • 1 = unplayable
    10 = awesome in every way

    I would rate play catan about an 8. It had it's design opportunities but the play itself was great.

    My rating for catan universe right now? 2

  • play catan: 9
    catan universe:1

  • play catan 10
    catan universe 1

  • PlayCatan: 9
    Catan Universe: 1

  • Playcatan: 9
    CatanUniverse: 1

  • playcatan 9
    catan universe 1

  • catanuniverse: 1
    playcatan: 8

  • 0 it doesn't work

  • 0 - it loads slow, barely works , the play alone avatars pick their noses (1st graders built this?), and the old site was simple, functional, loaded fast, and it worked!

  • Play catan = 6 when I started playing but once I became familiar -> 8

    Catan Universe = 1 (I have not been able to complete a single game).

    The board is very difficult to read and seeing what cards you have is distracting. I have not even had the chance to trade cards but I wouldn't have a clue if I could be a part of a game long enough to need to learn.

  • Catanuniverse: 1 (unplayable, is absolut right)
    Playcatan: 7

    Ich will doch nur spielen / 4. Catan-WM 2014


  • can't play on this. 0.

  • To be completely honest.

    Universe: 2

    It's not a 1 because it's not unplayable. You can play but the experience of playing is terrible.

    PlayCatan: 9

    I can't give PlayCatan a 10 because there were some quirks.
    One was, whenever a game was started a full screen popup with help appeared. It was not the right time to read it. You had to close it immediately in order to start the game. It didn't make any sense.
    Otherwise then that it was perfect. You could setup your game exactly the way you wanted (friendly robber, card stack, amount of players) and have it finished within 10-15 minutes.
    Much quicker than a physical board game with friends. Plus, everything is calculated for you.
    I guess the only option missing was to choose the default map rather than generating it randomly every time.
    I liked the random maps much more, but from time to time it would be nice to play the default (from the physical board game's instruction) one.

  • Play Catan 10
    Catan Universe 1

  • playcatan i was never playing, sadly, but i love this game , playing in real.

    Catanuniverse has A LOT of problems, it is very difficult to understand which play do you will play, for example, i dont have any idea how to avoid the Knight (Ritter ). You cannot chose the player to change your card, your playboard is permanent disappearing
    if you are changing or bilding, and so on.Often something is getting frozen and so on....

    At least the most commentaries of the users are really negative, the german too-

    Catanuniverse 2

  • Catan Universe 2

    PlayCatan 9

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