Is ELO comparable when we are playing different games?

  • OK, so ELO is supposedly the way to compare players --- but is it meaningful when someone playing primarily 3 player Catan against someone playing primarily 4 player Catan (or even 4 player Harbour Master) !?

    The 4 player game has less spots to choose from, and increased likelihood that those picks make more of the board unplayable, more opposition or opportunities for trade, more potential friends/enemies - it just seems like the play is different than 3 player even if following the same mechanics. So how is ELO from one game really comparable to ELO in the other.

    It would also seem like in 4 player games there's less of an opportunity of 2:1 play that could come out of a 3 player game (I just don't play 3 player anymore, but it seems to be a topic of discussion recently). With 4 players, that could mean 3 on 1 for the leader, but it also means the robber could more likely hit other players as we all fight for space/resources.

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