How many total players are playing Catan Universe?

  • Hello, I’ve looked breifly but cannot find the total number of accounts that exsist for the rankings. It’s my understanding that “free” accounts don’t qualify for ranking because the map is the same/fixed every time? Does someone or an admin have a total number for accounts in The Game, Seafarers, and Cities and Knights?

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    @Saboteur4Sure Catan Universe is played by several 10 thousand players per day. Since players can unlock expansions via scrolls it is hard to say how many players at any given time will play a certain expansion. But the base game is the most popular. This is also mainly due to the fact that most people only know the base game as a physical board game.

  • Thank you for the reply. Do you have a total number of accounts?

  • @Administrator I’m still hoping to hear back about this. The reason I ask for the understanding of the ranking system. Is there a “total amount” of accounts that are “competing” against each other for the highest ELO? For instance if I look up my name/elo and see that I am ranked #125 in a particular game is it #125 of 1000 other players or 10,000 other players?

  • @administrators Still waiting to hear back about this.

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    @Saboteur4Sure Unfortunately I can't give you the exact numbers of activated accounts for Catan Universe. But the larges Eloboard is by far the base game with close to 200K entries.

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