What Bugs have you spotted so far with Catan?

  • This game is not in Beta. So I'm being a Beta Tester after having paid for the game.

    All of the below are with the Chrome Browser version.

    Going full screen - goes into bottom left corner, not full screen

    Randomly forgets my details and logs out and resets the music volume settings to full.

    Brown screen error

    "You are offline" error. Still happens and is fixed by clicking on it. How unscientific is that?

    What else have you seen?

  • "All players have left" bug. Where you can't look at the scores.

  • Where do I start....

    1. Sometimes when launching a multi player game screen is brown. I Need to F5 (PC Chrome)
    2. Game player action freezes after "7" everyone in game needs to reset (iPad) close/ Relaunch.
    3. New one last night (4/18/18) player freeze then "All Players have left game" Continue? - Yes..
      However all other players were still connected and asking me to make a move in Chat...
      All the while A-I was playing in their place.. I told them Server told me they Quit

  • @ItsMabes Ooo yes I've had that last one too, haha. It was anticlimatic.

  • A new one.

    "From Catanuniverse.de
    An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser java..."

  • It's really fucking absurd, how about the one where sometimes you're there but the kick timer comes on and it puts an AI in for you anyway? Or the one where your opponent leaves, but he's waiting for a response or something, and it doesn't register that he left so the game just hangs in limbo forever and you have to leave? Plus all the other things already mentioned. About 1/3 of the games I play go off without issue, and then of course you can't actually see any of the stats after. #sad

    Why is it exponentially worse than the previous iteration?

  • I've been playing on steam/pc.
    My gameplay against bots has been ok, no issues with being logged out,

    Multiplayer catan is truly buggy. I fail to finish around 80% of my games, despite having cleared my %appdata%>locallow>United Soft Media Verlag GmbH folder multiple times

    Occasionally logging out of the catan app and relogging in resets, and I can play, but usually I return to other players raging that I'm taking too long to play, despite my screen showing that either
    i) I'm waiting on them to be able to play therefore there's no option for me to play, or
    ii)I've played, they just can't see my play (this is the option where logging in and out works to restore the game... might take 2-3x tho)

    I have played 2 games now where there are invisible builds made by others... ie it doesn't show in my graphics, but does in my log. .

    Add to this the kick timer coming on for both myself and my opponents, despite all of us playing moves while supposedly having connection errors.... and "cannot reach server" errors, despite watching my opponents moves...

    Why did I pay money for this?... that's right, I want to play catan....

  • Well, I guess I'm no longer having any errors for multiplayer catan... as I just can't access the servers at all now.

  • administrators

    @Mcgeekan Please contact us via support@catanuniverse.com regarding that issue and we will take a look at your account.

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