Kicked out of game?!

  • Hello,
    I just got kicked out of game with explanation my wifi wasn't working for too long period which wasn't the fact. My wifi was/is working perfectly. There was no kicktimer under my name. I have immediately tested the wifi and it was working 100%!
    I kindly ask you to restore my 9 elo points that I've lost due to this bug.

    Thank you.

  • P.s. My username is ricosuave.

  • Haha! What a good joke! You must be new here. Better get used to this crap :))

  • @inadad102 Actually I've been playing this game for uite some time already and this same thing happened to me many times already. This time I thought I'd try and get some response from the admins...unfortunately as expected they dont give a crap.

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