Can't build Settlement even though I have the cards and roads

  • This happened to me several time now
    When I don't have the cards needed it dose show the option but says I don't have the cards. And when I do have - I can't select the spot again and build. Usually happen when I have lots of roads and points. Lost several games like that...

    Btw- ignore my current cards in the photo - I just kept building roads / cities instead

  • @she_woof

    You cannot have more than 5 settlements. Once you have built 5 settlements, you have to upgrade one of them to a city before you can build another settlement.

    In the screenshot you have 4 settlements and 1 city, so you probably tried to build another settlement before you built the city.

    In the game, look below the board to see what pieces (roads, settlements, cities) you still have left.

  • @apoxvii
    Thank you
    I forgot about it 🤦🏻‍♀️

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