4 players launched in 3 player scenario

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    I'm disappointed by the lack of any kind of response to feedback.
    Don't you care?
    I posted this message a few days ago. I now edit it to include the @administrators in the hope that maybe it might get your attention.

    Are you aware of this issue?
    If so, are there any plans to address it?
    If not, maybe you could acknowledge that this is the first you've heard of it.
    Any response would at least demonstrate that the forum isn't just empty window dressing.


    Original message:

    Quite often when playing when playing the interface will put 4 players in a greater catan (3) scenario and the same with 4 islands. This makes no sense and makes for a difficult and frequently unpleasant game. If 4 players selected set up a 4 player version of whichever scenario.

  • Were you able to play this? I had it come up with 5 players in a 4 person (base) game and tried to play it (out of morbid curiosity) but it failed during the picking round...

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    @00SunTzu That is so far the only report on that issue to my knowledge. We will have to check the matchmaker so see if something could go wrong there.

  • I reported it previously, is there somewhere we can more reliably report bugs?