Issues with Community and Game Development, You NEED Help!

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    Are you listening or paying attention to the comments posted here?

    Some of us are programmers, some have worked on actual projects and are trying to help. It appears your QC is not achieving its goal and your bugs aren't being addressed as you move forward (i.e., the hot fixes aren't addressing root issues so much as re-directing them).

    This is intended as objective criticism and I hope you reach the end of this post. You should be conducting much more sandbox unit and integration testing than it looks like you are doing or look at integrating with someone else to set up your tests so that you get an outside perspective.

    The community response is making it clear that the system level issues are plentiful and they aren't getting addressed with the fixes.

    Why would you deploy to multiple platforms when you haven't achieved success on a single platform yet? Was it commercial pressure? Never a good reason to release something that is not ready - it's how you end up where you are right now. With zero feedback we are only left to guess what has gone wrong rather than assist.

    If you can't accept this as the message it's intended to be then don't expect any relief in the near future.

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    Good afternoon, here is proof the Commercial Harbor issue is still not fixed:

    This happened in a game today twice. The first time I missed it, but you can see that a special card is played by samsingh20 as shown by the box with the 3 dots below his name. The card being passed is from De Oppresso Liber as the return card - sheep was passed from samsingh20.

  • If you want to know the other issues, please search and find my other posts.

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    Of course we read the forums and user feedback is one the factors that heavily influence our schedule. Regrettably not every bug can be fixed as fast and we'd like to and as a user sometimes expects, e.g. when there is no easy reproduction or we need to run lots of tests to identify complex network issues that we need to check with our backend provider as well. Furthermore, we run tests with external QA studios as well. Every one of these loops takes time.

    Thanks for the heads-up regarding the remaining commercial harbor issue. I've forwarded this to the dev team and QA to investigate further and fix asap.

  • @administrators Thank you for the reply, it is good to know you are listening and I will continue to do the best I can to provide feedback on bugs that are noticed.

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