Can't upgrade to level 4 politics

  • Another player has a metropolis for politics.

    I don't have any free cities to place a metropolis, but I don't get one with reaching level 4 so that shouldn't be a problem as I do have at least one city.

    Please fix this or explain to me why it isn't possible for a player who isn't going to get a metropolis until they get to level 5 to upgrade to level 4.

  • As the rules go, you need a free city for any metropolis-sized upgrade in your city, and if you have spent two such upgrades for science and trade in your two cities, you cannot build one. Up to level three doesn't require a central city feature, but from level 4 upward, you need to dedicate a city to this.

    The problem might arise when another player only has a level 4 metropolis, and a player who already has only metropolises as their cities starts building his level 4 in politics. If he can build that one, why shouldn't he be able to build the 5th level before the original owner of the metropolis, and who would then own the metropolis?

    The rest is house rules, and not applicable to onling playing using a pre-detemined set of rules. There are fan-made variants for the board game with up to eight different metropolises. Unless you play with the city set from the Greater Catan scenario (available with Schätze Drachen & Entdecker for the boardgame) you could not explore all of these with the official rules for C&K. And unless you have another component in the game to make lots of VP from, by the time you get there you will probably have won twice over.

  • Thank you for the reply! I didn't know that I'd still not be able to get level 4 politics even though another player had a metropolis for it, unless I had a spare city. Interesting rule. Don't think it should be a rule as it requires you to have a spare city before using any coins even though the metropolis is not accessible until you have level 5! strange world, but thank you again for explaining! Glad it's not a bug!

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