Can not reach server

  • I'm not able to connect for weeks now!What on earth is the problem?

  • Same here, connected and disconnected from the server for the last week. Hope someone will deal with this issue.

  • Best reach out to the support team via we can provide individual support over there much more effective.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have some problem. Reinstall game, delete "United Soft Media Verlag GmbH" folder, try via browser and nothing....

  • administrators

    @FromHell Please contact our support regarding this issue via

    But please note, if you should be based in Russia there is not much we can do for you at the moment. Some Google and Amazon IPs we use are currently blocked in Russia. We will do our best to find a solution for our Russian based Catanians with the next update.

  • I’m getting “cannot reach server” then it will let me search for opponents, but will just search forever and not find anything at all. Not sure what to do? My internet is working fine.

  • Hi @Sprocket,

    Thank you very much for you message an please excuse the inconveniences this has caused. Could you try to logout and login again? This forces a new connection to the server and should alleviate your connectivity issues. Please let me know if this helped you. Again, if you're based in russia the current version of the game might not work properly in multiplayer.
    This should be improved in the next update, though!

  • @Administrator

    Logging out and back in did fix it! Hurray!

    I had tried turning the computer on and off again, but not logging out. Thanks.

  • Sono mesi che non riesco più a giocare utilizzando un sistema Android Huawei P10. Se dallo stesso modem, con lo stesso account, gioco da un I-Phone 7 plus invece funziona.
    Tra l'altro ho anche comprato le espansioni.

  • @Administrator i've unstalled and reinstalled 6 times. I've do log off and logginig more than 20 times.

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