picking to the first intersection rarely happens for me

  • Anomalies in dice rolling seem to not be unusual in this game. But, I rarely get to go first in this game, maybe one out of ten times. Also, more often third and fourth than second.

    Much more often than not, when I lose, it is the person who gets to pick first who wins or comes in second.

    On this last point, I think I would do a lot better going third or fourth if I had more time to pick my initial intersections, but I am happy to live with that disability as I think it is too contentious an issue to ever be resolved and I am probably in a minority in thinking I should get more time if I pick third or fourth, even it might result in better games.

    I point out that I only play the basic game, four-player.

    This trend has been pretty consistent with some variation through what I think are the ?600? plus online games I have played so far, most against the AI in beta and since.

    I think it may have something to do with my id of "whuffo" starting with a "w". If it continues, I will register under a new account with an id starting with an "a" to see if I get different results. Maybe algernon, albatross or alvin? Hmmm.

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    @whuffo Thanks for the feedback. But the RNG that determines who is going first does not take player names into account. We will take a look at it to see if anything goes wrong there but to be honest this is the first complaint about that issues I received so far.

  • I will try to track it. Of course, in the game I just finished the player who went first won again. I would guess 20 games with my present ID and then I will get a new ID starting with an "A" name to see if there is a difference. Thanks for getting back to me.

  • It does pay to post a question here. Since posting I have gone first once and second three games out of five. I will think of another way to complain about this so as to increase my chances of going first again. Last, the game I won, I went first.

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