English as In Game Language

  • Is there a way to set english as the in game language? When I look at the cards to see what resources I need to build what, that language is in German. I cannot find a way to change it. Thanks

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    You can click on the flag right above the screen to set the language of your preference. Remember to click on the flag before you play the game. you can't switch from language while you are playing at the moment.

  • I have english selected (I'm pretty sure) but the cards are still in a different language.

    When I am in game the domain I am on is "https://catanuniverse.com/en/game"

    Is this correct?

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    That's still a bug that need to be fixed. Thx for reporting.

  • One more thing is when editing your character, in the top left corner it says "Zuruck" instead of Back

  • Thanks for reporting the localization issues. We are still working on the full localization of the game.

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