looking for developer feedback if possible

  • what i want is be able to play on the computer, all 4 ppl on the same computer, here, in my home, just like i broke out the board game. its a nice option forvacations or situations where setting up the board isnt easy. i have the board game, but i want a mobile version.

    is this something that will be added eventually or am i barking up the wrong tree?

  • administrators

    @ssynn A feature like that is not planned. But since we offer cross play between all supported platform it should be possible for you and your friends and family to play in one room using different devices and get the board game feeling without setting up the game. Please note: Once you set up your Catan Universe account it is possible to play on every devices we will support (mobile/PC or Mac).

  • well io cant say im overjoyed with the answer, but you are right, it is still reasonably easy to play together i guess. i do however appreciate the speedy response, thanks much :)

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