Map Issues

  • Every time i play base game free match it is always the same map. What kind of crap is this?

  • @BlazedChip
    You have to pay for "diversity" , this game is not for fun anymore, it's about money...

  • administrators

    @BlazedChip Or you can use scrolls to unlock expansions, level up and gain more scroll ... and so on ;)

  • @Administrator You can only get 16 scrolls by leveling up to 20. What happens after that? Create a new account and start over?

  • @Stroom pay money to unlock it permanently

  • If you advertise your game as free to play on Steam, that is not a valid answer. :D

  • Why pay for a game so bugged??
    Let us play free until you get your sh*t right.

    The dice is freezing so often at other players...and i if quit...Bad Karma.
    A lot of times game does't start at all...

    Pay for it?? I'll pass

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