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  • @administrators Since I saw people in both the English and German forum ask similar questions about this issue in different topic threads, I thought I'd put up a thread only for this.

    Maybe you can clarify this issue in a bit more detail here.

    In my case, my concern is the following: My wife bought the Catan mobile App through iTunes via her email address. After I installed it to my phone, I registered to Catan using my own username and password (different email account than my wife). I'd like to know which account I should use to "Link to Catan Classic Account"?

    1. The email my wife entered at the time she bought the app or,
    2. My email when I registered? I tried my email last night, but the system kept searching or loading.

    BTW, when I click the "Link to Catan Classic Account" it asks me to enter my "Benutzername." This is our email details, just like when we log in, right?

    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @Poisonguy This option seems to be currently not availabe for every App user. We are working on a fix and will informe in the App once averything is good to go. We are sorry for the inconveiences.

    Bute generally speakin:

    1. You will need an online account for the "old" App ( the account you used to play online there)
    2. Enter the account data (username and email adress) in Catan Universe (options-> connect with Catan Classic Account)
    3. You expansions will be transferred to Catan Universe (Base game /seafares/CaK)

    Unforunately there seems to be a little hick up with the server conncetion for some useres. We are on it !

  • @Administrator Thank you for the feedback. I tried to enter my username in the top box and email address in the second box (both used in myCatan Classic Account) and it gave me a message that either my password was wrong or the account doesn't exist. As soon as you have resolved the problem, please let me know and I shall try again.

  • administrators

    @Poisonguy If you are not sure about your account data (also catan Classic) please contact our support via

  • @Administrator Thank you. I actually ended up doing exactly that a couple of hours ago.

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