player collusion

  • to all, please beware of 2 players, namely edit by @administrators: Please do not use players names in the forum if reffering to possible missbehaviour in the game. Also please use the report option in game to report possible missbehaviour. These 2 players are either the same person or friends. I observed ludicrous transactions in one way or another, such as trading 2 vs 5 cards, from one way to another and vice-versa. or even 6 vs 1, and always what they exactly needed, without mentioning they never block each other. Beware and gl!

  • Thanks for warning, but be informed that you will get a notification from admins and post will be edited soon as public nickname disclosure and accusations are not allowed on these forums.

    You have to use PM to admins / now option in game.

  • thanks for the piece of advice. If admin are clever, they will see clear and be wise. (hopefully)

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