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  • I am a YouTuber, I have question about this early access game. Am I allowed to record this game on my channel? Are there limitations to the recordings, like can I monetize my videos of my content with this game? Also do you know if the music is copyrighted?

    My channel link:

    Thank you for you time.

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    @Raven2012 Thank you very much for interest in the early access of Catan Universe! You are free to upload videos to youtube and there should be no issues regaridng the music we are using in the game.

    One thing we would ask for is that you make it as clear as possible that the game is currently in early access and not a fnished prduct yet. We are still in development and there will be a lot of changes until the final release.

    One other thing we would ask for is that you please keep you language as clean as possible in the videos after all this is a famliy game ;)

    If you want to learn more about our code of conduct please read this thread here:

    If you should have further questions regarding the game you can private message us @administrators here in the forums or send an email to

  • Thank you for rely. Yes my channel is a family friendly channel and I will also let my viewers know its a early access game. I wanted to record some game play and some tutorial lessons, but last night the AI just froze up and I wasn't able to finish my game. So I will have to wait until the AI freezing gets fixed in another update.

  • Hej I am also a youtuber and I can guarantee you that the music in Catan universe is copyright protected. I uploaded 2 videos on my channel and then monetize them. But then I got notification from youtube that song in video is copyright protected and I will not get any money from it. I solved the problem by deleting the song and then record the videos again. So my question is can you give me some kind of permition to use song or is the only option I have to just delete the song?

    My channel:

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