Assume Karma Points will reset when we finally go 'live'

  • Because of the occasional game freeze and other technical problems I assume that there will be a reset of Karma at the go live date so that those of us involved in the EA don't get punished for leaving games that broke.

    Please confirm.

  • We will reset most of the players stats after the EA. We will have a close look into it, what needs to be reset and what the players want to keep.

  • @Administrator The downvote next to your remark ... ranks against me or you. Does it impact my reputation?

  • The score you see at a post is the sum of all down and upvotes you (the poster) gets, and is related to the person that made the post, not the one that in the first place opened the thread. Your reputation is, as far as i know, the sum of all up- and downvotes for all of your posts in this forum.

  • @amiti Thank you for your reply

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