Phantom building issue

  • If you start to build a road or a settlement then enter the trade window and within the trade window click the check for completing the road or settlement on the space chosen then the graphic for said road or settlement will appear on the map as if it is there, but you retain the resource cards that were allocated. At first I thought it a resource card duplication bug, but the issue is the road or settlement is not really there. The next turn when you try to build a road or settlement it gives you the option to build on the same spot. Also when a phantom settlement is in place it will not produce resource cards when the tile's number is rolled.

  • administrators

    @RollenZ Thanks for your feedback. Have you tried to exit the game and continue the map again? Is the building after that still missing?

  • How the hell don't you have a random "board sync" event in place before each players turn? It would fix so many problems both in the server and the client. The bandwidth usage is not that huge for a board game simulator. Seriously, guys. Who is the lead developer there?

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