Bugged game

  • This game is so bugged... It's almost impossible to play a game untill the end.
    The rounds get bugged in my pc says it's one persons round and in another pc it says it's a completly different person..so we just have to leave the game as it's impossible to do anything else.

  • And this is exactly why registering to PlayCatan must be re-opened.

  • Yep!! Multiplayer sucks so bad on it, I've tried playing tens of games but never managed to finih a single one because it bugs and freezes.

    Catan is a great game and building a site takes time of course. But it's a major issue people have been complaining about for months now...

  • I still experience this :(

    I was able to complete a few games initially, but all of a sudden all my matches get bugged now

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