CU - the game will freeze for a few seconds right after you start a game and click the "settings" button. One thing that can always happen. The game is also quite slow to actually load and start a game. It should not take more than 2 seconds, instead it takes 10.

The UI is still quite horrible:
Buying development cards - hidden from the view by default. You have to scroll down and click on the deck. Instead of maybe having a button visible at all times. Also displaying all the game pieces around the table is pointless. A row of buttons would be much easier to use.
Playing development cards - you have to click 3 times to play a card - select the hand of development cards, then select the card and then... Find the accept button on bottom right. Why not just 2 clicks? Also if you have enough resources to play a development card and your view is at such angle that you could click on the development card to play, the game will also click on the development card buy button. This will give you 2 options at the same time - play a development card or buy one.
Selecting cards for trading/discarding when a 7 is rolled: In the same area where you would click to select a card, after clicking once you will get the button to remove a card. This is unintuitive and a horrible decision. Look at how PlayCatan did it. Much better.
Trading screen - Why is the bank trading screen on a different view from the trading with players view? Why can't other players see what the trade offer responses were? If I normally would not like to trade but I know that I can not let player A get the resource from this trade, I would change my mind and accept the trade. This is completely missing at the moment. In addition to counter-offers etc.
Also, every action you have to do in the game will hide the map so you have to swap between views all the time. Trading, throwing away cards when a 7 is rolled, after moving the robber, who to steal from... So many dialog windows in the middle of the screen for things that could be done on the side.

Who gets what resource for a trade roll... Totally pointless animation. It would be visually much more easier if that info is displayed next to the player avatar for the current player turn.

I could go on and on about why this UI sucks. I could conclude it with: This game is made for the mobile client. The developers do not care at all about PC players and their needs. You can see it from every single UI decision of this game.