@Hero1 the numbers I gave you also include the usage of dice mode in single player games. Sorry I wasn´t clear about that.

Ressource Bonus is no part of the original board game rules. Atm this seems more feasible for us to include in a custom game but it is not our top priority right now.

Just FYI an addition like that would not only mean for us to create a new filter in the Auto-Match. We would also have to add that to the "knowledge base" of the AI.

Nevertheless, we are watching the feedback we get from our community very closely and I want to thank you for the time and effort you put in to bring forward your feedback and ideas.

Catan Universe is not a project we gonna "finish" soon. There is always room to grow and room to integrate more play modes. But for now we are settling (no pun intended) with the Auto-Match to be standard and therefore we only want to include the standard rules.

Custom Match is a whole different story and we are much more interested in giving players the opportunity to create their favorite Catan playstyle there.