Agreed. I wish they would have worked on the old Software package to bring it up-to-date and keep as much of the loved and successful PlayCatan instead of trying (very unsuccessfully) to re-invent the wheel. I miss the easy play, I am not a techy and I struggle with the cumbersome new game, we miss the lobby where we could "meet" and pick the game we want to join. PlayCatan was easy to learn, even the game expansions. Watch a few games, ask a few questions and off you go. It was clear, logical, uncomplicated, one-button clicks, all clearly visible. No need to move the board to see cards, now the trade window is covering up your cards, stats were available in game which is important when offering trades...… This CU is nothing like that, certainly no easy, fun, entertaining option.
I was looking forward to a few quick games and chats and friendly banter after work each day, Now - not so much.