I need to see the whole board while I´m playing

    • We need a tool to modify the size or to zoom out. Especially with C&K and the Islands version, you can only see part of the board. This way it is impossible to observe the entire game. If I want to develope a strategy, I need to see all my options! I also need to see when the dragonboats will reach our shores.

    • It is impossible to place e.g. a road or a settlement without moving the board constantly. That drags down the game very much. It is also annoying.

    • And may I plead for building menus that open on the same screen again?

    • This also applies for the window that opens to choose a ressource to yield from your goldmines. Now you can´t even see what cards you already got.

    • A chat-menu that opens over the board isn´t helpful. Especially if someone has difficulties that slow the game down, the players need to be able to communicate whithout wasting additional time going back and forth. Why not use speech bubbles again? Also much more fun!

    And I also want to encourage the developers to keep up the confidance, that together, we can make this work.

  • They are trying to make a tablet/mobile touch-screen UI for PC platform. All these problems come from this issue. "No room to display all the info in mobiles so we will just give less info for everyone." This is nonsense.

    @Administrator Do you plan to develop a completely separate UI for the PC platform or are all devices going to play on the same one?

    I still haven't got a response for this question and it seems like I am being ignored. But I want to make more noise because this is a serious fundamental issue with this development and I want things to be better in the future.

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