how to make gold coins ?

  • how to make gold coins ?

    I was at the beginning of 1500 coins. I bought a basic, city and knight and seafarers , now I 0 and I would like them to have more . how to get it ? please help...

  • I can only guess, so don't take anything I say for granted.

    I assume you will be able to buy gold coins for real money as soon as the game is fully developed. You will have to use them to unlock your favorite game types. Right now they give us the coins for free, so everyone is able to test all games.

    I would assume that they provide us with more coins as soon as they implement more games, that you have to unlock. So don`t worry for the moment.

  • thanks a lot for your reply.

  • @Fidelya Hey, could be a good Idea, if we get some other coins during this "early access" for later, when the game is ready .Sometime i feel like working, indeed playing, becouse of some bugs work to report.In a way we are also spending a lot of time, in the hope just
    to finish the next game , with all ships, and and not getting frozen ....
    In this sense, we could try to get the old players(playcatan) back, if we get some other new coins for every developping remark we do....At the moment i see really less people playing than before (18. February 2016):star:

  • @kokoJW I havent lost any of my coins for now, although i bought all expansions... Maybe you havent been fully logged in when you checked it?

    @elemaj Often you even have to pay to get into an early access, so i think playing for free and getting the currency we need to test everything should be enough. Noone is forcing you to "waste" your time with testing and bug reporting.
    At this stage promising currency for testers after the game is released, would imo just lure the wrong type of people. Players that are interested in the game and willing to improve it, will also do it without any rewards.

  • @amiti Could be, i was somehow missing all the old Playcatan people, who are just disappered....And i also was not saying, that i´m wasting my time, but this playing looks somitime like a kind of work:smirk: And normally i also with pleasure.Anyway, do you belong to the Developpers Crew?

  • As far as I have seen it, you get an early Access game cheaper as the normal price. For example they charge you 10$ as long as it is in early access, once the game is fully developed you would have to pay 15 or 20 $.
    Here we get to play all extensions for free during EA, while we probably have to pay as soon as the game leaves the early access stage.

    Concerning a lag of players, it's hard to tell, because you don't see how many people are actually online and using CU.
    For me, I returned to playcatan, especially because of Multi. But I will return regularly to CU to check and test the updates.

  • @amiti -
    "Noone is forcing you to "waste" your time with testing and bug reporting." - this is what they basically did when PlayCatan was closed. Nowhere else to play and the shitstorm started.
    "Players that are interested in the game and willing to improve it, will also do it without any rewards." - This is the way USM thinks. They want the players to find all the bugs in the system. It really seems like they are trying to save money by making the players test the game and not hire testers. This is a very bad practice in software development. This way we will have a buggy system and exozet will have much more work in the long run, draining more money from USM. Really nice business practice and the players suffer.

    PlayCatan did nothing wrong. It just needed some improvements. Universe is fundamentally broken.

  • @Stroom Somehow funny, i was trying again to play, and every time we had a was also with AMITI. More than 1,5 h i tried four games, and none was going till the end.I also tried to play with my family online, and one of us was always kicked out, using the same Browser Chrome or firefox and Chrome, (c+k). I agree with Stroom , at the end it will take an infinity to get all that bug mountain fixed. By the way sound is still bugging. Sadly im a new player, so i have no comparison....Anyway it is really frustating to be kicked out in the middle of a game twice a day..or even more.I cannot imagine, people who are not really passioned in this game, will still try to play, and later, they will avoid it. :confused:

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