Remember, we're still in the early access phase

  • A lot of people have been complaining about how many issues there are and how sloppy the game looks. Just remember this "early access" phase is still part of the development process. These forums are so that players can give feedback on what changes they should make for the final version of the game.

  • @StarWarsGuy the go live date is 1/18 or has that changed?! I think the development process has been skipped. There is no feasible way to deliver a viable product based on this, and I do it a complement by saying this, garbage. I think USM owes Catan fans some transparency here!

  • The release date is not the 1/18. We will announce the official release at a later point.

  • @StarWarsGuy I disagree. Early access is for users. Testers should have weeded out all the bugs and errors. Users should focus on user experience and overall gameplay. Besides, having such bugs like the user Schulli (if you end a game there is a user Schulli displayed) proves that it was done in a very sloppy way. This is highly unprofessional to say the least. OK, some bugs may happen in every software and at every stage but not this kind.
    In addition, they are decommissioning the old site this month. Hence, they are leaving the Catan Community with nothing for an unspecified period of time. That's unacceptable customer relations.

  • @Cyberdaemon I totally agree. But as you can see in the topics, they blatantly dismiss such a critique. Notice someone has given your comment a thumbs down. Each of my negative comments is given the same treatment. They even tried to prove I wasn't following Forum Guidelines (which they call Code of Conduct) and threatened to ban me. They don't want to learn. They want a paddle on the back and someone saying "Good Job" to them. They want to hear "here is a bug. fix it". Well fixing all the bugs won't save them. The underlining concept is corrupt. The game is just poorly designed and needs to be rewritten from scratch.

  • @roadwolf123 Why are you mad at the developers of this game for leaving the PlayCatan community at the ropes? Isnt it the old provider that turns off their service for whatever reasons they got?

  • @amiti

    Well, I guess, ultimately this will Klaus Teuber's company business responsibility for making such decisions. Ultimately they will take the financial hit.

    and yes, I am very sad, that is going away. They could just take the code and put it on another server and let it live forever.

    Especially that they are failing at providing a replacement. I mean one that would cut the mustard. This one doesn't.

    I have been playing Catan for years and I am heavily disappointed. That's all.

  • Since they want to provide a cross-platform experience i guess just importing the code isnt possible and wouldnt do a good job, since the PlayCatan surface doesnt really fit for mobile devices.
    I think the game as it is now has some nice features for those devices, but it seems for some people it is hardly playable yet. I agree that there are multiple bugs to be fixed and for the computer/browser version there are a lot of things that can be optimized.

    I dont know where you got your expertise from not knowing what a early access is about and to say this whole game is a shit and they should rewrite it, but in this point i cant agree with you, maybe because i am not a tech-prefessional.

    Its okay to be disappointed, since by far this is not a finished game yet, but leashing out at everyone trying to talk some sence into you, as you started off with some misplaced or misexpressed criticizm wont get you anywhere.

  • Please stop complaining about the developers degree of knowledge, or what a good job you would do... it's easy to debate decisions of war after the war was over... so start testing and provide feedback. Complains like how sad are you or how disappointed you are and denigrate USM or Klaus Teuber's company business won't fix the game. Be objective not the object!

  • @matrixn1985 I am not complaining about developers. Software developers are the most awesome people on this planet. Managers who cut budgets and save on professional testers ... well that's a whole different topic :)

  • They did not even need to use professional testers. There are plenty of long time playcatan users (among blue crew and mayors and deputies) that would have gladly tested this FOR FREE. They would also give their opinions of what we like and don't like. I'm the long time Mayor of Port Niagara from PlayCatan and a volunteer playtester and bug reported for PlayCatan.

  • @matrixn1985 I agree the internet is a poor place to battle this out however anyone with a small amount of technology experience will tell you WebGL is not the path to multi-platform interoperability. It is just a poor choice and it screams lack of technical understanding and grasp of a proper business model. The old client is Java based which I am not particular in love with either but it is mature and it is, for the most part, platform independent.

  • @Administrator - Do you actually intend on continuing on WebGL path?!

  • @Cyberdaemon "Remember, we're still in the early access phase" chuckles :D

  • any news or updates coming soon ?
    nothing since the 08/1

  • @ArnonM91 said:

    any news or updates coming soon ?
    nothing since the 08/1

    Look here

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