Timer on turns and inactive player blacklist!

  • I think this game desperately needs a timer on turns!

    I just had my third game in a row with a player called AnnaTocha who stayed afk the first 2 games because she was dealt the first hand which gave her somewhat of a 'disadvantage'. She would just stop playing waiting for others to leave the game. I got her again, again and again in a game and thought it would happen again a third time but she had a more favourable hand so she decided to play I guess.

    Maybe 2 minutes max per turn and simply continue to the next players after the timer runs out. When a player does nothing for 3 turns they are kicked from the game and put on a blacklist. When a player get's x amount of blacklists their account will be banned.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Simply sick of players to afk and either ruin games early in or when they realise they can't win, are behind or don't have a perfect start. I don't know what this 'karma' does but it doesn't seem to do anything at this point, it sure ain't stopping people from ruining good games.


  • No blacklisting as long as the game remains unreliable!
    I don´t know about this player you mention, but I have been stuck in several games, sometimes the game just folded, or it told me a player had left while I was chatting with them.... If this behavior had occured on the old platform, I would completely agree with you. But although the technical performance is really rapidly improving, there are still are so many bugs, that it would seem unfair to me to punish players for failures of the platform.

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