Don't show us the board for trading resources if we don't have the resources to make the trade.

  • Forever clicking no on trades the computer should know I can't make.
    I like the feature to opt out of trading altogether but sometimes I'd like to trade but just don't have the right resources for other players. Takes up a lot of game time!
    Can we have the ability to give counter-offers?

  • Dear administrators, please read these ideas to improve the trading menu! They are very much needed!

  • Thanks for the feedback. We are working on further improvements of the traiding system. You are right when you saying that it isn´t necessary to see what the AI is offering you over and over again. But If you play against humans this is a different story. You want to know what they are offereing to get "intel" about their ressources. Even if it´s not possible for you to trade with them.

    We are playing with ideas like counter offers and such but our experience with the Catan app have shown us that non regulated counter offers (how offen can you make counter offers) can hinder the game flow.

    Also imagine how it would be if 2 or 3 players do counter offers over and over again and you don´t want to participate in any of the trades.

    I want to thank you again for your propositions and i assure you that we keep on working on the traiding system to make it as efficient and fast as possible.

  • Suggestion for AI trade:
    Limit the number of trading attempts for the AI. If they are only able to ask, say 3 or 5 times, it will already speed up the game.
    I know that the AI is only implemented rudimentarily. But in the end, the AI should behave like an average player. I hardly ever see people try to trade as offen as the AI does. Only exception I can think of, is in C&K before the babarians strike for the first time.

    Totally agree, that it's important to see, what someone tries to offer. To me it doesn't matter if it's a single or multi player match. I want tp see it in both type of games, especially if the AI is going to become stronger.

    @Administrator said:

    We are playing with ideas like counter offers and such but our experience with the Catan app have shown us that non regulated counter offers (how offen can you make counter offers) can hinder the game flow.

    Okay, here I don't get you. This statement only makes sence, if you are trying to implement the counter-trade in the already existing trade-window. Sure, this would suck and delay the game.
    But come on, try thinking outside the box, literally speaking. First of all, a lot of players have a problem with the trade window anyway. They want to see the board while trading. I don`t think it will be satisfying to only make it transparent. If you decide to change the trading board, you might as well try to think about a way to implement counter-trading.
    Also, the counter trade would not have to show up in the normal trade window for start. Have a player offer it, using his trade window. The player whos turn it is, just sees a trade Icon below the offering player and can either click on it (which will open his trade window) or ignore it. For PC Version it would also be possible to show the trade directly very small under the offering players avatar. (small symbols eg 2 [sheep Card]->1[wheat Card])

    Also keep in mind that even in 3 years time, people who played playcatan and/or the old pc-games will compare CU with them. So unless every feature available there is also implemented here, they will not be satisfied whatsoever.

    I know this takes time, I know this causes headaches. But I am certain you will figure it out. And hey, there are a lot of members here, willing to give feedback or ideas. So make use of them. Just keep going!

  • Yeah. Is it really so hard to look at PlayCatan and see what they did right about the trade offers. You do not have to answer to any trade offers on PC. You can just ignore them if you want to. Just please study the existing system.

    Technically speaking, the trade window does not have to be modal i.e. you don't have to close it in order to do other actions. Yes, this will bring you consistency problems like a player building and clicking a trade accept at the same time but this should be solved on your server side and the correct animation should be played and the incorrect one won't pass. Really easy to implement.

  • The features suggested here are vital. Trading is THE central element of Catan. Today, for the first time, my browser would let me log on to CatanUniverse. But I didn't finish my game, because it's no fun if you can't properly trade.

  • @Administrator If you show the trading board to people that don't have the resources perhaps only show it on a timer of 10 seconds and don't force the person to click the X automatically to decline the trade. It would also be nice to have the bank look (more) different than the player trade, sometimes I think I clicked bank but I am offering it to the players by accident

  • administrators

    Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions you all made. In the upcomming update we will integrate some keyboard shortcuts which e.g will close windows or pop-ups.

  • First of all I think the trade board should be smaller and placed frontally, the perspective makes things harder. It would also be nice if there was a sum of your current hand and a sum after proposed trade were shown next to each other.

  • counter offering like in playcatan would be a big improvement

  • Adding a counter-offer option would be a nice touch,. Here is how I would solve the issue of constant counter-offering: Alongside the check and "x" buttons for accept and decline, add the option, but make viewing the counter offer optional. Also, limiting the counter offer-er to one counter-offer per initial offer would help in regards to time. The counter offer symbol could be something like a circle of two arrows (somewhat like the end turn, but with two arrows). Hope this helps :).

  • Turning off counter offers is bad because it makes some players miss necessary counter offers and it makes gameplay a mess. A lot of information will be lost and it makes the game run an unnatural course.
    Non-obtrusive counter offers (AND normal trade offers) near each player is the best way to go. You can just click yes or no when you want to trade. (exactly like PlayCatan is already doing it!!!)
    If you make trade offers pop up into peoples faces all the time, they are going to get angry. Having to click through all the offers makes sure that people hate the player making these offers.

    Once again, Catan Universe needs a complete makeover. New UI for PC please!

  • definitely agree! the most lengthy time spent wasted in the game is on trades! would make things much better

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