Toxic players.

  • Just played a game 2 minutes ago, where a guy didn't like that he got embargo-ed with a robber for 3 times in the row, and he just started doing ridiculous trades and going afk every once in the while, thus making that game a complete waste of time and leaving me no choice but to abandon the game.
    I would suggest that you incorporate a turn timer, where every player gets 3 minutes to play at the most, and I would also suggest that you incorporate (if possible at all), report/mute button to enable people to avoid seeing what toxic players write and naturally, to report them for that kind of behavior.
    Thank you.

  • 3 minute as default with the option to reduce it down to 2 minutes

  • I think there should be a higher penalty for abandoning a game so that players do it less often, which in my opinion would increase game satisfaction

    Players bail on games all the time and it makes it hard to finish and much less enjoyable. If you're a sore loser or poor sport because you're getting picked on you shouldn't be able to just bail on the game, wait 5 minutes and start back up again. When someone starts messing around like the above comment and you have to abort that makes it tricky. It's also tough when a game must be abandoned for technical reasons

    I like the idea of reporting players but how would there behaviour be moderated/verified?
    If the new Catan has a way to solve the problems or if there are any suggestions on how to solve the (catan) universes problems regarding truancy please comment.

  • The game usually works well and its very enjoyable. Sometimes the program freezes, and one has to leave the game. Hopefully this can be avoided, although it is not that frequent

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