Yay!! PlayCatan is temporarily reopening!!

  • PlayCatan is supposed to be reopening in 3 hours until they can fix catan universe. Can't wait to play a normal game again :D

  • me 2 . because everytime i am playing catanuniverse i am battling with new discovered bugs ! and of course missing multiple player. the computer cannot play with strategy

  • 1.5 hours now

  • Does anybody have an extra login for PlayCatan? I just discovered online Catan during this whole mess after they stopped allowing new registrations. Now I am stuck with only CatanUniverse and no one to play against :(

  • PlayCatan is open NOW!!!!:smiley: :heart_eyes: :thumbsup: :clap:

  • I am so happy!!!!!Anyone knows how long it will remain open?

  • @yue88219 probably as long as it takes to open Catan Universe properly, with no bugs and operation @ 100% - so in other words, PlayCatan will be open FOREVER!! (LOL):laughing: (j/k - I don't know how long)

  • @Todd_Z I love how you interpret it!haha....Playcatan forever!

  • Oh Happy Day! I gave up on catan u after a couple games, the interface is so slow and having to go to a separate screen for everything is so annoying. Please fix CU so its user friendly before you cancel playcatan again

    Yay for Playcatan - Thank You for bringing it back

  • @djlinkstrom I would love to hop on someone's extra login as well; if anyone has one available, please pm me. I am dying to play some Catan!

  • it seems they made premium area available to all now!

  • @yue88219 until Catan Universe is up and ready to properly run.....

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