Feedback for the 2/17/2016 Update

  • Tried a game after this latest update. YAY! The board stopped wobbling and the zoom is much improved!
    Chat window is smaller, but now the chat symbol keeps blinking even w/o any new chat. Very distracting.
    Overall play flow seems to have improved. A great step in the right direction!
    Pretty soon this will be fast enough for a quick game over lunch, almost like in the good old days of PlayCatan!
    One issue - since when does connecting a road and a ship increase road length w/o a settlement/city between them? I just lost the game due to this mishap. ☺

  • Just updated CU. Now Everytime I try to play a game the map appears but none of the players appear or can place the first village. Everyone can chat but can't play. GREAT UPGRADE CATAN UNIVERSE!!

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