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    When will PlayCatan be avaiable again?

    We’re currently planning to restart the servers on February 18th, 2016.

    How long will PlayCatan be available and who is the provider?

    We (USM) decided jointly with our partners at Catan GmbH that we take over both operations and service and restart PlayCatan to run along the Early Access phase of Catan Universe. You’ll be able to play on PlayCatan until the official release of Catan Universe.

    Who will be able to use PlayCatan?

    Only PlayCatan users who are currently registered will be able to log in using their old account data

    Will the be new registrations?

    No. New registrations for PlayCatan will not be possible.

    Do I have to pay for PlayCatan?

    No. The complete content of PlayCatan will free of charge until the end of the Early Access phase of Catan Universe.

    Will there be support for PlayCatan?

    We are able to provide PlayCatan with limited support.

    If you have technical questions or issues please contact us via playcatan@usm.de

    Abuse reports can be filed to abuse@playcatan.de as it used to be

    Will the PlayCatan forum be reopend?

    No. The old forums stay closed. FAQs about the usability of Playcatan or the game rules can be looked up there.

    Where can I exchange ideas about Playcatan?

    For Players that want to exchange ideas about PlayCatan we will set up suitable sub forums in the CU forums.

    How can I access the Catan Universe forums?

    To gain access to the forums you will need to register for Catan Universe by following the steps listed here:

    I have problems register for Catan Universe

    Please contact catanuniverse@usm.de if you should have trouble during the registration process

  • @Administrator i have no user account on playcatan, can i play stil here? but every boddy is leaving here

  • @marjan74 The services will be parallel. The early access goes on as intendet ;)

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