Catan Universe Patchnotes_EN

  • Catan Universe 1.8.4

    Please note: This will be the last version of Catan Universe released via Amazon

    • Resolved issue when initiating Auto-Match causing them to not start properly
    • In-game store will now load properly every time
    • Players won´t get stuck in the in-game store anymore
    • Custom-Match initialization now works reliably again
    • Player can again change setting for the special scenarios if they only bought them
    • Rejoin issue is fixed at the beginning of a match

  • Catan Universe 1.8.6 Patchnotes:

    • Savegames work properly again
    • Playing Rivals and then the CATAN boardgame is now possible again
    • 2 Players and 1 AI can now start Custommatches again
    • Viking Table assets no longer cause graphics bugs
    • Tutorials load properly again

  • Catan Universe 1.8.8

    Hi Catanains,

    a new update is now available. Please make sure to update as fast as possible.

    Please note:

    Also, inform your friends and family to download the new update as fast as possible to make sure you can play together. If the update isn´t available yet in your Googleplay Store or Appstore, please check regularly. It might take a few hours for you to get the updated displayed.

    Multiplayer fixes and improvements:

    • New messages when servers are at full capacity

    • Improved server communication for more stability and less workload on the servers

    • Fixed turn timer handling after 3x turn timer ran out

    A.I. Fixes:

    • C&K: Diplomat card is played correctly by automatic A.I. if turn timer runs out

    • Road building: automatic A.I. will play correctly and finish the turn

  • Catan Universe 1.8.7

    Multiplayer fixes and improvements:

    • New messages when servers are at full capacity

    • Improved server communication for more stability and less workload on the servers

    • Fixed turn timer handling after 3x turn timer ran out

    A.I. Fixes:

    • C&K: Diplomat card is played correctly by automatic A.I. if turn timer runs out

    • Road building: automatic A.I. will play correctly and finish the turn

  • Catan Universe 1.8.9

    • Several improvements for more reliability during the set-up phase

    • Rivals theme set games via Automatch will start correctly again

    • Reconnects (closing the App completely and restarting it) to ongoing multiplayer games have been temporarily disabled due to technical reasons and system abuse. This feature will be restored in the next update.

    Apple and Android version will follow soon! Please note: You won´t be able to play with Catanains using the older Client. As soon as Apple and Google have approved the update, it will be automatically released to the Stores.

  • Catan Universe 1.9.1

    Hi Catanians,
    a new update is available. Please download the latest version 1.9.1 and tell your friends about it.
    Make sure to update to be able to play with your friends!

    What´s New:
    Improved reliability for ”Custom match” lobby
    Technical overhaul of the friend list in “Custom match” lobby

  • Changelog
    Catan Universe 2.0.0 Release
    New Features

    • new main menu UI (full reskin)
    new flow → select single/multiplayer → expansion → game mode
    • new “level progress screen”: shows rewards for players’ level progress
    Raised experience level with new rewards from 20 to 25

    • lvl 21: Asia-Pieces
    • lvl 22: Orient-Tiles
    • lvl 23: Set-Tinting 2
    • lvl 24: Asia-Tiles
    • lvl 25: Orient-Pieces

    • New pet: Al Pacacino

    • new sun system, suns can be used to play a single player game
    • new emoji chat system
    • matchmaking panel (in the top center, when matchmaking is started): show ‘player dots’
    indicating how many players are found, e.g. 3 of 4 players → 3 filled, 1 empty dot

    • Custom Match / Singleplayer Options: toggle for “Random start player” (incl. tooltips); crown indicates 1st player is the start player (incl. tooltip)

    New account system

    • registered users can play Catan First Island, Custommatch for free in locked options, only 3 players
    • Android and iOS users can purchase IAP (gold) without registration
    • once they register with their all IAP and progress is transferred to their new “registered user account”
    • STEAM and Browser users have to register before they can buy in the in game shop. But their progress will now get transferred if they have already played without any registration
    • unregistered users can’t use the in-game chat anymore

    New in-game UI


    • button click for normal build menu behavior → new in both
    • desktop/mobile
    • players can also drag&drop → already existing feature in the mobile
    • version
    • if candidates are shown: headline indicates “Select position for x”
    • in-game options screen
    • panels get translucent when trade board is opened → panels are sent to
    • foreground on hover
    • panels can be opened via keyboard keys ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, … (plus ‘enter’ for
    • panels can be pinned → in default ‘unpinned’ state, if the user clicks outside of the panel, it will be closed
    • drag&drop cards, like in mobile version
    • show cards on hover
    • resource bar
    • tooltips, like on mobile version
    • new designed screens like ‘select player’, ‘select dice’, etc.
    • new hide/show buttons, like in mobile version
    • quick trade, like in mobile version
    • game action ticker (on left bottom of the screen)
    • shows actions of all players, like building, buying or playing cards, etc
    • holding ‘alt’ key shows tooltips immediately (even if deactivated)
    • almanac quick links: ‘shift’ + left mouse click on UI / board items shows almanac entry

    Mobile Version:

    • options bar always stays on left side (better usability)
    • UI supports safe area of all kinds of ‘notched’ mobile devices (not only iPhone X + 11 but
    more Android devices) → Unity 2019.3.x update

    Mobile and Desktop Version:

    • better UI animation / badge / game overall flow
    • dice animation before badges
    • better “+/-x” animations & card animations
    • opponents’ game pieces are animated from their build menus to the board
    • gamelog/chat: automatic scrolling to newest entry is deactivated as soon you scrolled up
    • hints to UI → highlight on elements like player frame, victory points, trade block,
    • show ingame menu → options, dice statistics

    • board pieces animation on start / exit in-game: pieces fall onto table / fly away from it
    • hexagon animation when loading in-game
    • new “it’s your turn” ticker
    • drag&drop / build buttons show amount of game pieces left
    • game log: added ‘players turn’ separator
    • players own game pieces support physics

    In-game camera Mobile and Desktop

    • automatic camera movement
    • camera zooms/moves to new/destroyed buildings, and when ships,
    knights, or the barbarians are moving
    • enable/disable 2d camera
    • enable/disable automatic camera movement
    • move camera per screen edge - slider
    • tooltip delay – slider
    • emoji system


    • movement per keyboard (arrow keys + WASD)
    • movement when touching screen edge
    • zoom towards mouse cursor position (before: centered zoom)

    New in game shop system

    • new purchase flow when clicking on an expansion when not enough gold
    → ‘buy via gold’
    → shop opens, shows ‘gold’ category with overlay indicating how much gold is
    → then, when purchased, opens ‘expansion’ category and selects the initial
    expansion for purchase

    New Tutorial steps

    • new tutorial steps for camera movement, zoom & tilt

    And many many smaller and bigger bugfixes…

  • administrators

    Dear Catanians,

    Catan Universe 2.1.0 focusses on your feedback regarding the in-game UI we introduced with update 2.0. You will find a lot of customization options as well as improvements in trade as well as the multiplayer. See below what we have been working on:

    New Features:

    New Tradeboard

    Trading is now handled in real-time → players can start a trade then continue to play, and accept the trade later on
    Resource selection handling → click on the card on the opposite site to decrease your offer

    Multiplayer overhaul

    New methods to verify the correct sequence of played actions in multiplayer games; If the actions aren’t verified the game will reload automatically to a verified state

    Auto-A.I. of other players kicks in if the active player is offline and turntimer runs out

    Removed kick timer; players get kicked if their turn timer runs out 3 times; no more kicks in custom matches

    Rebuilt complete rejoin/reconnect/reload process

    Turn timer doesn’t wait for any UI changes in between actions anymore

    Sync active players’ turn timer with trade offer

    Sync turntimer on every players’ turn start

    Trading is now a simultaneous active/passive timer situation

    Robber stops the active players’ turn timer if/until all other players have selected their resources

    Auto-A.I. handles C&K better

    Stability in UI/client in general

    Host is set by servers (before, the clients decided who will be host)

    Stabilized synchronization of offline/reconnect state

    UI / Layout:

    more tooltips

    player frame: incoming trade indicator -> click to open Tradeboard

    new UI option: simple player frames: can be enabled in in-game options → new tab “Visuals”

    [User Feedback] enable/disable “A.I. sends emojis” can be enabled in in-game options → new tab “Visuals”

    [User Feedback] enable/disable “Resource Highlight on Hexagons” can be enabled in in-game options → new tab “Visuals”

    [User Feedback] enable/disable “Place build effect” can be enabled in in-game options → new tab “Visuals”

    [User Feedback] show text when development/progress card is being clicked/dragged → "drag to board to play card"

    (Mobile) when 3d board tooltips toggle is enabled → "click on game piece to get more info"

    [User Feedback] disable "Players Turn" ticker can be enabled in in-game options → new tab

    New “Visuals” during multiplayer-related network communication, a ‘loader animation’ is shown in the right-bottom corner of the screen (next to the Player Turn Button)

    [User Feedback] resource animations + highlight spawn multiple resource cards from tile; new option “fast resource distribution” → in-game options tab “Visuals”:

    when enabled, resource highlight + animation start at the same time
    when enabled, resource highlight + animation do not wait for cameras
    when enabled, all resources are distributed at once
    when enabled, resource animations more fluid / less “alarming”
    do not pop up that much anymore → when disabled, the resource card pops up and then starts moving


    [User Feedback] smoother game piece animation from opponents’ build menu to board

    [User Feedback] no more highlight on dev/prog cards that cannot be played

    [User Feedback] bigger arrow on player frame → active player indicator

    [User Feedback] bigger resource icons and labels

    Lower quality settings on some lower spec iOS devices: prevents crashes due to memory limits on newer iOS versions reduced texture size (especially UI elements)

    Custom match player selection shows all friends / guild members

    *Fixed Issues: *

    • Game elements become invisible, especially ships

    • (Mobile) statistic screens are cut off

    • AI hangs at Deserter card if no knight of the player is on the start island in the Enchanted Land scenario

    • (Mobile) Camera cannot be moved after the end of a game

    • Basegame only playable with 2 KIs if activated with Suns

    • Calculation of Longest Road can be wrong

    • Empty Gamelog entries in Seafarer expansion

    • AI hangs in Rise of the Inkas after resource allocation

    • Various localization errors

    • (Mobile) UI overlaps on iPhone 11 Pro max

    • (Mobile) dice animation under iOS

    • Incorrectly finished multiplayer games can cause the game board (even in singleplayer) to not load correctly

    • Game end screen is not displayed on all clients

    • AI trade does not continue if a client reconnects before replying to AI

    • UI element for participation in Season missing / caught in Season Screen

    • Crash to home screen after a player did not click the "you took too long" pop-up

    • Treasure with road building leads to subsequent errors when player is disconnected and replacement AI sets the roads

    • Replacement AI cannot give away resources if it rolled a 7 itself; game cannot be continued

    • Trade monopoly can lead to blockers if no commodities are available

    • CATAN Suns cannot start a scenario in the BaseGame

    • Inventor card leads to graphic errors/additional selection markers

    • (Desktop) Custom Match Lobby not scrollable when mouse pointer is at certain positions

    • In Cities and Knights, the resource count on mobile, if it is two digits, is not fully displayed

    • Too many victory point cards in the deck

    • Victory point display only update after the turn was finished

    • After playing the bishop card, stolen resources are displayed in the gamelog

    • (Mobile) Phones iOS: dice statistics cut off

    • (mobile) Report window mobile (Phone only) too large, no reports possible; App must

    • closed manually

    • Control error in CaK if no cities on the board and no knights active

    • Quitting the game via menu in startup phase can lead to blocker

    • KNF error in the ticker when you have to give FSK

    And many more...

  • Catan Universe 2.1.1

    fixed lighting issues for fantasy theme set table on desktop platform
    fixed blocker in mobile tutorials desktop SuR tutorial
    fixed text issues in viking and fantasy IAP items
    fixed an issue, where a Freemium player is not able to start randomly
    fixed an issue within Gamelog, when discarding SuR progress card
    fixed glitch when reloading a game and see real VP number in profile frames
    fixed singleplayer experience retrieval
    fixed 2nd robber issue on various Sf and SuR scenarios

  • Catan Universe 2.2.0
    5/6 Player Scenarios

    New Features:

    Scenarios for 5/6 players have been added to the "Basegame", "Seafarers" and "Cities&Knights". If you own these expansions, the scenarios will be unlocked automatically.
    The scenarios can be played in singleplayer and multiplayer
    Various UI adjustments for the 5/6 player scenarios
    The new 5/6 player rules have been added to the Almanac

    Matchmaking can be cancelled after 10 seconds to end a "rejoin loop" among other things.

    Fixes and improvements:

    • Improved AI behavior when "Friendly Predator" option is active.
    • Improved AI behavior in fog fields (e.g. Oceania)
    • In the Enchanted Land scenario, knights that have been expelled can now be placed correctly in any case
    • In-game store display adapted for ultra wide screens
    • Elo is now displayed consistently on mobile and desktop with 2 digits after the comma
    • [mobile] chat and game log should not overlap anymore
    • [mobile] Switching between trade window and game field works correctly again in all cases

  • Catan Universe 2.2.1


    Improved Matchmaking for Automatches
    Knights can be moved via drag and drop again
    Inka game pieces have the correct size in any circumstance
    Color selection for game pieces considered correctly again

  • administrators

    Catan Universe 2.2.3

    Fixed issues:

    Resources now will get updated after the animation is over
    4 player scenarios can now be played with only 3 players again
    ⅚ player Scenario Heading for new Shores won’t start with Fog on the main Island
    Rise of the Inka games won´t get stuck after Robber was moved from the board
    Rivals tutorials can now get started from chapter ⅘ again
    Fixed Gamelog entries for Great Canal scenario
    Canal building now gets triggered correctly every time
    Knights won´t disappear on “enchanted land” scenario
    Oceania 4 player now has the correct setup
    Friendly robber now works correctly for every scenario
    changed color of the robber to make it more distinguishable from player color grey
    Desktop only: Clicking on the city expansion panel does not trigger the board game physics anymore
    Mobile only: adapted click areas for filter settings in Automatches

    Fixes for tournament mode:

    Clients won´t crash anymore if you search the list of participants
    Win Screen now shows correct values when only one human player is remaining
    Custom leaderboard now works as intended
    Lobby screens on iPads now scale properly
    Avatars in win screen now are always correct
    Played games are now added correctly to the leaderboard

    New features:

    Reworked candidate (game pieces) placement system. This allows Catanians to perform other activities while the building animation takes place -> games feels smoother
    New color scheme for buttons on the trade board
    Singleplayer only: bandage display time is now connected to overall animation speed.

    New features tournament mode:

    min/max games participants can play in a Tournament have been added
    Tournament Elo calculation has been changed coefficient has been set to 20 (normal Automatch is 8 ) -> One game has a much bigger impact on your Tournament Elo
    only match player once feature integrated. If activated by the tournament admin this won’t allow for reoccurring matchups of the participants.
    decreased level of participation for tournaments to level 2

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