Catan Universe Patchnotes_EN

  • Catan Universe 1.4.5 Update 05.16.2018

    New Features:

    ● (Rivals) Basic turn timer for Rivals which kicks players from the match when it
    runs out to penalize stalling
    ● (Rivals) Consistent system to show currently played Event & Action cards (notifications are also displayed longer now)
    ● (Rivals) Users can now click on draw stacks to draw in all situations (dragging
    still only works when drawing a single card)
    ● (Rivals/Mobile) Automatic camera movement when drag & dropping a card to the
    screen edges
    ● (Rivals) Almanac extended
    ● Added badges for treasure chests (Hint: No badge is displayed if the player needs to choose resources found in the treasure, in this case the trade/selection menu is displayed)
    ● Optimized error handling when a multiplayer game is corrupted during initialization, e.g. when a player disconnects while loading. In these cases, players are moved back to the main menu (also doesn’t decrease ELO & Karma, and doesn’t increase experience level)
    ● (Mobile) Added notifications if a game session is closed and the user is kicked to main menu while app is closed / minimized
    ● Dozens of new loading screen hints

    Fixed issues:

    ● Complete kick timer stability overhaul
    • Offline Mode available again
    ● Many multiplayer session bugs fixed and systems optimized
    ● Reworked the longest road calculation to fix a counting bug with circular roads
    ● Users couldn’t re-enter their very own name in “Arrival on Catan”
    ● Guild request was not shown (instead infinite loading circle)
    ● ‘Arrival on Catan’ rewards didn’t activate in certain cases
    ● Game session was closed if player lost game (could not view the statistics)
    ● Some users could not create custom matches in certain cases
    ● Fixed trade-board flickering
    ● Fixed scenario info overlay in multiplayer games not being shown
    ● Removed double scenario info in almanac
    ● Chat input fields are now limited to 512 characters
    ● Fixed Avatar and game table overlapping when switching between categories in player profile
    ● Fixed starting a tutorial while being neither logged in nor a guest could result in an infinite
    loading screen
    ● Cities & Knights) Fixed Medicine card and turn timer edge case could cause a match to be

    ● (Cities & Knights) Fixed ‘progress card’ tooltip
    ● (Cities & Knights) The AI should no longer give commodities away which are still

    ● (Mobile) Fixed keyboard opened automatically when entering in game chat
    ● (Mobile) Fixed display of wrong Viking tooltip when entering a category in the player profile
    ● (Mobile) Removed cancel button from merchant fleet screen
    ● (Mobile) Fixed rare custom match lobby corruption error
    ○ If lobby creator leaves the lobby
    ○ for the creator himself, if (s)he re-opens the lobby
    ● (Mobile) Chatting (opened virtual keyboard) on mobile devices could trigger the kick timer
    ● (Mobile) The application could crash after resuming it from minimized state

    ● (WebGL/Browser) Fixed cursor issues when email tab was selected in login.

    ● and many more

  • Catan Universe 1.5.0 Rivals of Catan Release: 20.06.2018

    New Features

    ● The full version of Rivals of Catan (Catan Cardgame) can be purchased in the ingame shop
    ● Rivals theme sets “Era of Gold”, “Era of Progress”, “Era of Turmoil” and “Duel of the
    Princes” are now available
    ● Rivals of Catan now offers all play modes (Singleplayer / Free match / Auto-Match /
    Custom Match)
    ● Rivals of Catan now offers a tutorial
    ● New Free to Play Content: Additional Quest and unlocks for “Arrival on Catan”
    ● GDPR addition to Catan Universe

    Fixed issues

    ● Searching the card stack and playing the scout card is now possible again
    • Large Tradeship can now be used as intended
    ● Drag and drop with the right mouse button is now disabled (drag&drop still works using the left mousebutton)
    ● Double-clicking the autopay button in Rivals will no longer crash the WebGL version

  • Hi Catanians,

    We will publish Catan Universe 1.5.1at 11 am [CEST] June 27th which includes fixes for issues we, unfortunately, had with 1.5.0:

    Fixed Issues:
    • Optimizations of the communication between server and client to prevent users from being held in the “you are offline” state and/or getting frequent “offline messages”. Info: This affected mostly player with a high ping to the game servers. We’ll continue to monitor and further tweak this system if needed.
    • Password recovery now works again as intended
    • Resource tiles now rotate correctly in Rivals multiplayer games and indicate the correct amount of resources
    • Server messages are functional again

    Known Issue:

    • When trying to build via the game pieces on the bottom of the game board, the pieces won’t get placed correctly on the board. Please use the other possibilities to build:

    PC/Mac: Use the Quick-Build option by clicking on the board/intersection or settlement directly

    Mobile: Use the Quick-Build option by clicking on the board/intersection or settlement directly or drag and drop the game pieces from the left side of your screen
    We are already working on a fix for that issue. Thank you for your patience!

  • Hi Catanians,

    Today we will release the next Patch for Catan Universe at 11 AM [CEST]:

    Catan Universe 1.5.2 brings further optimizations and fixes:

    Fixed Issues:

    • Building via the game pieces below the board once again works as intended when placing cities.
    • Rivals card game victory screen now always display the correct Elo changes
    • Rivals tutorials chapter 6 “Heroes” updated
    • Post-Match screen (board game) updated
    • Fixed unintended card rotations in Rivals when trying to discard cards in the draw phase

  • administrators

    Hi Catanians,

    Today July 23 at 11 am [CEST] we will roll out CU 1.5.3. The Amazon Version will be released tomorrow.

    New feature:

    • Turntimer in Rivals of Catan was set to 120 sec.

    Fixed issues:

    ● Seafarer tutorial now progresses past chapter 3
    ● Metropolis is now displayed again when using the standard board pieces
    ● Players can now be reported via the report button in the statistics screen
    ● Unlocking “Rivals” with a Scroll will no longer result in only 2 theme set stacks available in “Duel of the Prices”
    ● The second last remaining player of a match will no longer get displayed a wrong message (game canceled) when all players except one got kicked by the kicktimer
    ● Edge case of Duel scout card fixed
    ● A second “create guild” button will no longer get shown in the interface where it shouldn’t
    ● Rivals: “traveling merchant” now will allow to trade 2 gold
    ● Rivals: “Gudrun” card could cause the AI to be stuck in case the AI owned a
    gold cache which was full already
    ● Fixed an issue where it wasn´t possible for certain accounts to create his own custom match lobby

    Please note that it make take a while until the newest version is available in your store to download.

  • Dear Catanians,

    Update 1.6.0. includes numerous new features, optimizations and bug-fixes:


    • Season game mode added (The start of the first season will be announced soon)
    • Counter-offer system added to the trade menu
    • New avatar option: Pet (Pets will be available from the shop or as special rewards)
    • Optimization to AI players, esp. in regards to trading
    • New UI hint added to player frame to highlight number of cards on hand if this is over the current limit for the robber event

    Optimizations and bugfixes


    • Various turn timer and offline timer improvements, esp. when handling disconnects and timeouts
    • Fixed color display of Viking Avatar Set (female version)
    • Added notification when players tried to reconnect to a game after the timer ran out
    • Fixed display issues in almanac headlines
    • Mobile: Optimized registration flow in case of wrong or already existing entries
    • Clarified and added extra timer notifications when players left the game
    • Numerous further smaller tweaks and optimizations

    Board Game:

    • Fixed a rare error when the AI used the resource monopoly card
    • The merchant once again appears in the correct color when loading a saved game
    • Text overlay in trade menu fixed
    • Fixed a possible error when returning to the lobby after a completed custom match
    • Players who lost a match can once again review the match statistics as intended
    • Switching between player trade and bank trade is now faster
    • Fixed a special case regarding the rules implementation for the deserter card in case there is limited space on the board for moving the new knight
    • The AI once again properly continues its building projects in all in-game situations during special seafarers scenarios
    • Mobile: Optimized tooltips in the lobby screen
    • Browser/WebGL: Fixed graphical glitch (flickering) on the coast fields and building cost card
    • Browser/WebGL: Kicktimer once again displays properly when connection issues occur

    Card Game:

    • The traveling merchant once again trades for the correct amount of gold
    • Scenario descriptions for theme sets updated
    • The „Duel of the Princes“ game mode now has the correct VP requirement for winning

  • administrators


    Catan Universe 1.6.1

    Fixed issues

    • Catan boardgame – Fixed Robber edge case when trying to rob someone holding 0 resources
    • Catan boardgame - Statistics show the right values for “Times robbed by players”
    • Catan (CaK) - Knight actions are now available in the same turn after stealing an already activated knight using “Deserter”
    • Catan boardgame – Fixed issue where a game got out of sync if the host reconnects in a during a trade
    • Catan Duel - Resource tile highlights are now consistent
    • Catan boardgame - WebGL: Coastlines shouldn´t flicker on coasts with a harbor on it

  • administrators

    Catan Universe 1.7.0

    Hi Catanians,

    Welcome to Catan „Rise of the Inkas“.


    Experience Catan like never before.

    Lead your tribes to glory but be aware of the inevitable downfall of your former villages and cities as they might get swallowed by the jungle.

    Your ambitious opponents will take advantage of settlements you left behind and they will contest the best spots on the board.

    Learn your ways in Catan “Rise of the Inkas” with our step by step tutorial which is free to play for all our Catanians.

    See you in the Jungle

  • Catan Universe 1.7.1

    New Features

    • Random map method was changed to spiral distribution for numbers in scenarios that allow this kind of distribution
    • CaK: It's now possible to see the colour of your opponents progress cards
    • New UI/UX elements for Rivals for Catan:

    1. Pan your camera from one principality to another with the click of a button
    2. Visual indicators for actions performed on a draw stack by your opponent
    3. Your opponents building actions will be displayed now

    Fixed issues

    • Inka - Mightiest Combat Arts can now be used only on time during your turn
    • Inka - Mightiest Combat Arts can now be used before rolling the dice
    • (mobile only) Inka - Building on overgrown cities/settlements via the mobile drag & drop menu will now display the new village properly
    • Inka - Longest road trade bonus now also offers to trade different 2 resources for one resource of choice
    • Inka - The monopoly card now shows the correct info text
    • (desktop only) Rivals - When trying to use a card's special function (e.g. large trade ship) the action button (star icon) is no longer hidden behind the enlarged card
    • Rivals - "Sebastian the itinerant preacher" (EOT) will now save you from only one Feud or Fraternal Feuds

  • Catan Universe 1.7.2

    • Greater-Catan for 4 players now starts correctly again
    • AI won´t get stuck in edge cases if the “friendly robber” option was activated
    • AI no longer cancels trades that a player sent as a counter-offer although the AI did the same offer before
    • Several improvements for multiplayer stability, especially during times with high demand

  • Catan Universe 1.7.4 Special Scenarios


    New Features

    Major Engine Upgrade to Unity 2018 including performance enhancements

    2 new massive “Special Scenarios” added: “The Great Canal” and “Enchanted Land”

    Fixed issues

    • “Lost password” screen is now functional again
    • Elo will get displayed correctly on widescreen devices
    • Game now proceeds if playing a road building card even if the player only has one road/ship left
    • Scenario selection now works properly again
    • iPhone Xr and Xs Max scaling now works better
    • Rare issue with “Arrival on Catan” was fixed

  • Catan Universe 1.8.0

    New Features:

    • Complete multiplayer backend overhaul
    • New ‘ping player’ technology to minimize possible sync-issues
    • New info in versus screen: Scenario Keyword + Victory Points
    • Desktop version now shows a dice animation (similar to mobile)
    • “Network Connection” overlay now includes a “Tap to reconnect” button beneath
    • New robber overlay with additional info on who robbed you when a knight development card is played
    • New Prestige Rank system added
    • Leaderboards, win/lose screen and statistics now show the current Prestige Rank
    • Live dice statistics during game sessions

    New customization options for single-player games:

    • AI speed
    • Animation speed


    • We’ve reset placement matches for all players. All Catanians have to play 5 placement matches again to reappear on the leader board. You’ll not lose your current points! This is to ensure the leader boards show only active players.
    • Turn timer is now shown for all players, so you’ll see more details about your fellow players’ timers and you'll see your own turn timer while being in the trade screen on mobile.
    • Enhanced the turn timer’s visibility.
    • No more whispering between players in one session to ensure fair play.

    Increased capacities for:

    • Guilds - 200 members
    • Friend list - 200 members
    • Block list - 200 members

    Fixed issue:

    • Players whose usernames had been changed can now again be found on the leader board

    Special Scenarios:

    • Enchanted Land will now end properly if one player defeated 6 Dragons
    • Great Canal now has the correct scenario description
    • Special Scenarios won´t load with faulty graphics on hexagons anymore
    • All Progress Cards now work properly in Special Scenarios
    • Fixed multiple low res graphical elements on newer iOS devices

  • Catan Universe 1.8.1

    New Features

    • Turntimer is now visible for other players
    • Dice animations can now get deactivated via options


    Clients will log out automatically once a new version is installed!

    • -Improved ‘offline’ overlay handling
    • -better Kicktimer overlay handling

    Fixed issues

    • Rivals: Badges show up again correctly
    • Rivals: Attack Cards now work properly again
    • WebGL: Graphics options are clickable again
    • Players that had their usernames changed can again be found on the Leaderboard
    • STEAM/WebGL: Numbers in dice statistics are now properly readable again
    • Placement matches now get properly calculated again
    • Fixed several display and click issues in the Statistics Screen at the end of a game
    • Singleplayer games will now reward players again with the proper amount of XP (if the player is below level 20)
    • All Bundles in the shop now get displayed properly again
    • Dissolving a Guild is now possible again
    • Prestige Rank Leaderbaord is now properly scrollable again
    • Stolen resources are now hidden form other players
    • Dice Sounds will only appear once per dice roll
    • Certain assets will now have the proper resolution on high resolution devices

  • Catan Universe 1.8.2:

    • Enhanced connectivity and detection of network connection
    • Enhanced reliability of reconnects and the initialization of already running games
    • Multiple enhancements of the server stability during times of high demand

  • Catan Universe 1.8.3 (Hotfix) is now available. Please make sure to update to the latest version to profit from the most recent fixes.

    Fixed Issues:

    • Language setting now won’t change after login
    • The “challengeInstanceID: ISSUED” error after trying to start an Auto-Match has been fixed
    • The proper version lock has been applied again. Only Catanians using the same version of the game can play together

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