Catan Universe Patchnotes_EN

  • Catan Universe Update_21 04.06.2017

    New Features

    • New splashscreen
    • New design of cardstack holder for Catan Cardgame (aka Rivals for Catan)
    • New event icons for built and lost Metropolis
    • New mail info icon
    • New info popups for guild events (being accepted, being kicked from the guild, …)
    • Angle of view doesn’t snap back to default in Catan Boardgame anymore
    • Freematch isn’t shown anymore by default as soon as the game was purchased and can be turned back on in option settings anytime

    Fixed issues

    • Main Menu: Tickets couldn’t be used to unlock expansions
    • Main Menu: Guild screen wasn’t updated when content changed
    • Main Menu: Guild was still shown for members after being disbanded
    • Main Menu: Wrong popup message when level was too low to join a guild
    • Main Menu: Couldn’t access whisper or add friend action when right clicking on guild member within guild menu
    • Main Menu: New hover text for scrolls for better clarification of their usage
    • Main Menu: Polished Credits screen for unusual screen resolutions
    • Main Menu: “Members:” and amount of members’ position where misplaced (exchanged)
    • Main Menu: Amount of guild members was just updated when restarting the client
    • Main Menu: Create a guild button wasn’t blocked for players below level 10
    • Main Menu: Avatar was still shown after logout
    • Main Menu: Added hover text about how to unlock locked customization items
    • Main Menu: Changing color of “princess” hair didn’t work
    • Main Menu: dragging the victory points/timer sliders swiped menu back
    • Catan Cardgame - Feud: Selected buildings couldn’t be dropped onto a draw stack
    • Catan Cardgame - bank trades: Players were able to use the opponent’s resources for their own trades
    • Catan Cardgame - bank trades: Players were able to select own resources that weren’t highlighted
    • Catan Cardgame - bank trades: Trade highlighted empty resource fields if another resource field of the same type contained enough resources for a trade
    • Catan Cardgame - building costs: Players were able to select opponent’s resources when paying their building costs
    • Catan Cardgame - Merchant Caravan: Players were able to use the opponent’s resources
    • Catan Cardgame - Marketplace: Special ability of Marketplace didn’t get triggered
    • Catan Cardgame: Doubleclick on cards didn’t enlarge their view
    • Catan Cardgame: Strength advantage didn’t display correctly for reconnected player if advantage was taken away during disconnect
    • Catan Cardgame: NullRef when switching between enlarged handcard and enlarged placed card
    • Catan Cardgame: Victory screen not being shown
    • Catan Cardgame: Changed Freematch naming
    • Catan Cardgame: Added missing loca keys
    • Catan Boardgame / Main Menu: Statistic screen of tutorial caused interface buttons to be transferred into the main menu when leaving the tutorial when it was finished
    • Catan Boardgame / Main Menu: Exit button of game scene could be causing the main menu not to work properly
    • Catan Boardgame: Edgecase in trading with AI caused the AI to crash
    • Catan Boardgame: Automatch timer warning triggered only next player round when opponent used a progress card against player
    • Catan Boardgame: Chat window is now in-game default instead of game log
    • Catan Boardgame: AFK-Kick Popup checkbox now removed
    • Catan Boardgame: Popup when all other players left now makes clear how victory and ELO are calculated in that case
    • Catan Boardgame: When switching from player trade to bank trade while player trade was still active caused the bank trade to be locked
    • Catan Boardgame: Opening the tradeboard during “Merchant fleet” selection caused the selection to disappear
    • Catan Boardgame: Increased timer time for Multiplayer Match because of player feedback it would be too short
    • Catan Boardgame: CaK tutorial never being recognized as finished
    • Catan Boardgame: Added additional code line to guarantee random maps (tile & number placement) in Auto-Matches
    • Catan Boardgame: Stackoverflow issue of AI fixed
    • Catan Boardgame: Metropolis badges not being shown
    • Catan Boardgame: AI hoarding resources if targeted preferred building spots are blocked by rivals’ knights

  • Catan Universe 1.1.2 Hotfix 28.04.2017

    New Features

    removed region lock to reduce waiting time for matches

    Fixed issues

    • fixed wrong language of ToS/AGB for english speaking players
    • Shop: fixed typos for english language in item shop
    • Shop: fixed prices not being shown for locked expansions (if base game wasn’t bought yet)
    • fixed several steam achievements just being unlocked for steam client upon log in
    • fixed “random” multiplayer maps not being shuffled
    • fixed robber badge showing different player than the one being robbed
    • fixed base game tutorial which was stuck on last tutorial step
      -fixed karma achievement not being triggered when having more than 4 karma
      -fixed Scout achievement not being triggered when using scroll for temporary game unlock
    • fixed Strong together achievement being triggered ingame but not on steam
    • fixed background of bonus for linking Catan Classic account to CU account

    Known issues

    • AI can randomly be stuck in MP; couldn’t be reproduced yet
    • some english form prefills are still in german due to being hardcoded and need to be fixed with the next patch

  • administrators

    Catan Universe 1.1.2 05.15. 2017

    Fixed issues:

    • resolution can now be changed via ingame settings menu

    • the ingame shop now has got an extra panel with a clarification of what each item includes and also shows if parts of a bundle already are owned

    • issue fixed which also caused the map (e.g. in Auto-Match) not to be random

    • timer stopped working when a player got kicked and replaced by AI during disconnect

    • chatlog doesn’t get cleared anymore when the statistic screen appears

    • fixed latency caused game blockers (AI not continuing, game actions not sent in correct order) )

  • Catan Universe 1.1.2 / 05.23.2017

    • Updated Karma values for new users
    • Catan card game: Fixed card “Market” (Corrected choice of resources)
    • Other players’ details can now be accessed from ELO screen
    • AI avatars can no longer disappear after playing a single session for several hours
    • Fixed a selection issue in the options screens
    • In-game news are once again properly shown in the selected game language
    • Changing graphics settings/details fixed
    • Shop: Fixed price display in NZD

  • Catan Universe 1.1.2 Hotfix 06.06.2017

    Fixed Issues:

    • Performance enhancements and limitation of the framerate to 60 FPS
    • Victory screen and statistic screen don’t show gold amount anymore to avoid misunderstandings and ELO just shows integer values from now on
    • Few changes for Guilds e.g: how invitations are handled or the visibility in the guild search
    • “Create guild” button was still available after creating a guild if screen wasn’t closed
    • Removed guild filter in leader boards (currently all guilds have same start ELO = 1000)
    • After setting a new password the screen didn’t automatically switch to the login screen
    • Exchanged loca keys on login pages
    • CaK: AI was able to choose commodities with aqueduct

  • Catan Universe 1.2.3 - Hotfix 06.13.2017

    Fixed Issues:

    • Special ruleset for Greater Catan had an edge case with wrong selectable tiles

    • Smith card couldn’t be cancelled and players were forced to upgrade two knights if possible

    • Mining/Irrogation could be played without having a city/settlement adjacent to a corresponding tile

    • Indicator of knight upgrades and movement in quick build menu was removed because of being confusing

    • AI was stacking huge amounts of resources in particular situations

    • English “Barbarian” badge text was incomplete when shown due to text format

  • Catan Universe 1.2.3 – Hotfix 06.16.2017

    This update addresses an issues we observed since Tuesday. Thanks to your feedback we were able to resolve this very particular issue. Thanks a lot!

    Fixed Issue:

    • CaK multiplayer games could get “stuck” after playing certain development cards, if one player had Mining/Irrigation card on his hand and another player hasn´t built a settlement on either an ore or weed tile

  • Catan Universe 1.2.4 - Hotfix 06.20.2017

    Fixed issues:

    • Scrolls once again unlock expansions properly in all cases

    • Removed “Chase Robber” counter

    • Fixed an interface issue that occurred if a player who didn’t own the Seafarers expansion was invited to a CaK &SF scenario

    • After playing several custom matches in succession, the custom match setup screen of the main menu once again loads properly

    • Fixed an issue with the custom match setup screen when a player who was currently setting up his own match was invited to another match

    • Replaced several localization keys with updated wording

    • Fixed save-game issue for single- and multi-player games

    • Almanac entries for Greater Catan updated

    • Fixed an issue when an AI player wins while it’s not his turn in combination with the Alchemist card

  • Catan Universe 1.2.4 Backend-Hotfix 07.11.2017

    Dear Catanians,

    This week‘s hotfix only affects the backend and database. There is no need to download a patch or a new client.
    Thanks to your detailed feedback, the development team has been able to identify and fix the backend issues that ultimately caused the problems when finishing a game or when playing the wedding progress card.

    We’d like to thank all those who helped us tracking this issue down and apologize for the time that was needed to identify, fix and test this update.

    Thank you for your patience and have fun on Catan!

  • Catan Universe 1.3.0 Patch Notes Aug. 17th 2017

    New Features

    ● New improved versus-screen

    ● Avatar and Shop assets are now built into the version (Steam only) to reduce
    network traffic.

    ● You can now skip the intro screen when clicking on the screen (Steam only).

    ● Experience points distribution in the match results screen is more detailed now.

    ● The trade board can now be unpinned to enhance game visibility while trading.

    ● Added an offline overlay when a player disconnects to inform the other players (kick
    timer count down).

    Fixed issues:

    ● Fixed an issue where the interface of players who didn’t own the Seafarer expansion
    after being invited to a Cities and Knights and/or Seafarer map could crash.

    ● Expansions of other players refresh now more frequently in custom match game

    ● Online status of friends in friend list and custom match lobbies is now updated more

    ● A more visible “player left the game” countdown will be shown to all players after a
    player dropped out of the game

    ● A “player left the game” dialog after the end of the Kicktimer will now be shown to all

    ● Fixed an issue where scrolls didn´t work properly under special circumstances

    ● Fixed an issue where players were able to join game sessions after being replaced
    by an AI

    ● Fixed an issue which lead to AI being stuck in multiplayer sessions

    ● Fixed an issue where unstable network connections (f.i. Wifi) could lead to the game
    appearing to be stuck for some players

    ● Fixed various network issues for a smoother multiplayer experience

    ● Fixed an issue where a player leaving a multiplayer match could lead to the session
    being stuck

    ● Fixed an issue where players were not being replaced correctly by an AI during a
    multiplayer session

    ● Fixed an issue where experience points were not displayed correctly after a game

    ●Tutorials in the WebGL version could get stuck due to a display issue

    ● Seafarer: A ship that's next to a street can now be successfully moved by clicking on

    ● Duel: Fixed an issue with the trade advance dice event. The robbed player is now
    able to choose a region to pay from.

    ● Duel: Fixed a game log issue with resource distribution. Bonus amounts from
    resource multiplier buildings are now correctly displayed in the game log.

    ● Fixed crash if the user selects an avatar level progression item and try to buy it.

    ● Fixed inconsistent behaviour of paging element in player profile

    ● Fixed an issue, that a human player do not get rewarded if a replaced player by an AI

    ● Fixed various other minor bugs increasing the overall stability

    Known issues:

    ● A rare issue could occur in maps where number chips can be revealed. If a player
    builds his last road with a road building card it might cause a crash

  • administrators


    Catan Universe 1.4.0

    New Features:

    ● “Arrival on Catan” a new possibility to unlock permanently free content in the game
    ● New and improved tutorials
    ● Unregistered users are now able to name their players

    Fixed issues:

    ● Medicine progress cards effect could be cancelled by passing your turn while it was active (before building a city)
    ● The almanac was lacking an entry for the base game’s monopoly card
    ● Seafarer achievement “Empire” just checked for settlements and didn’t trigger if one island just contained a city, destroyed city (CaK), or metropolis instead
    ● Opening the custom match menu didn’t hide the expansion buttons
    ● Various backend bug fixes regarding Karma and ELO
    ● The disconnect overlay could pop up several times in succession
    ● Several translation fixes like: “Verbindungsprobleme” was always shown in german regardless of the set language
    ● Also fixed loads of bugs regarding how the multiplayer system handles disconnects, reconnects or connectivity issues

    Known issues:

    ● In very specific situation a session can get stuck when players reenter the game during a specific action by another player

    If you want to learn more about "Arrival on Catan" please follow this link:

  • Catan Universe 1.4.1 11.14.2017

    New Features

    ● Added the ability to play single player games offline

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed issue where game blocks when an existing name was entered in “Arrival on Catan”
    ● Fixed issue with missing GameLog entry in Seafarer expansion
    ● Fixed issue in Profile screen
    ○ Dyeing of male knight cape
    ○ Broken ‘go to shop’ button
    ● Fixed issue where items wasn’t always auto-equipped after purchase
    ● Fixed issue where the ‘new mail’ icon didn’t disappear after reading a mail
    ● Fixed issue where the Kicktimer wasn’t closed properly
    ● Fixed issue regarding whispering to an offline player
    ● Fixed issue where a disconnected player didn’t realize that he was kicked
    ● Fixed issue where the tradeboard wasn’t setup correctly after canceling a trade
    ● Fixed a bug where the player scrolls count wasn’t updated properly
    ● Fixed a bug where the game unintendedly paused after a player missed the turn timer
    ● Fixed issue that an Automatch game wasn’t start in some cases.
    ● Fixed issue in leaving and joining lobbies
    ● Added missing tooltips
    ● Improved stability and user experience

    Known issues

    ● Multiplayer games can come in a block state under special conditions

  • Catan Universe 1.4.2 11.29.2017:

    Catan Universe Update 1.4.2 includes the following:

    • Improved stability and user experience
    • Updates and fixes to the login system
    • Menu back buttons can no longer lose their functionality under certain conditions
    • Fixed issues regarding tooltips on the statistics and profile screens
    • Blocking players again work properly under all conditions
    • Fixed issue when the status of friend request wasn’t updated properly
    • Players’ characters no longer rotate unintentionally on the profile screen
    • Fixed issue when the search filter for friends wasn’t reset properly
    • The same chat message can no longer show up multiple times
    • Fixed error after playing a Catan card game match
    • When playing the Catan card game, buttons can no longer get stuck in special conditions

    Please note: [Steam version only]

    If you the Auto-Update of Steam downloaded Catan Universe during our maintenance, you will notice a “Development build” tag in the lower right corner of your screen. Please close Catan Universe, restart Steam to make sure you will get the latest version of CU!

  • Catan Universe 1.4.3 - 12.14.2017

    New Feature

    ● Chat notifications

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed Issue where the camera on mobile devices starts in a wrong angle
    ● Fixed Issue where users can't drop enemy cards to a draw stack (Duel)
    ● Fixed Issue when scrolling in the shop
    ● Fixed Issue with commodity selection when Commercial Harbour was

  • Catan Universe 1.4.4 Multiplayer Update 02.08.2018

    New Features:

    • Multiplayer-state synchronization: Server-Sync when game states on different clients aren´t in sync anymore; The loading screen will appear shortly
    • Login overhauled: Added additional version checks upon login to ensure smooth matchmaking only with players using the same client version (most recent client version 1.4.4)

    Fixed issues:

    • Rework of the network code
    • Turn-Timer: edge cases identified and ironed them out
    • Kick-Timer: We made the communication for that info (when to start and end the timer) more robust, especially when players had a bad or unreliable connection.
    • AI taking over: We found some edge cases in which that didn´t work properly and fixed them
    • Store/Friend list etc. searches have been optimized
    • Kick-Timer position on mobile devices was changed to prevent action buttons being blocked/overlapped by Kick-Timers


    Claymore (Sword) available for free for every player at level 4

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