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    Hi Catanians,
    here you can find the latest patchnotes for Catan Universe. During the roll out the servers might not be avaiable. Check the latest news on the servers here:

  • Patchnotes for Update_6

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed: Cities and Knights main menu banner button had no click animation

    ● Fixed: Camera zoom level on map is set to the user selected zoom level after returning from build menu to map

    ● Fixed: Dice feedback animation plays the particle effect

    ● Fixed: Many tournament fixes (correct ELO, correct rank display on result/statistics
    screen, participation conditions fulfilled)

    ● Fixed: Button click sounds ingame

    ● Fixed: Automatch only has one expansion selected

    ● Fixed: Tradeboard shows and hides faster

    ● Fixed: “Item Slot” does not show up anymore, when entering avatar customization

    Newly added functions or improvements

    • Improved animation speed

    • New animation for resource distribution

    • Added: Block Trade Button
    • Reduced UI size
    • Added: Extra zoom levels in ingame scene
    • Added: Roll dice animation
    • New visualization of resource cards
    • Card stack dice option for Custom Match games

    Tournament features for internal testing:

    ● Tournaments: Ranklist shows all players, even if they have no rank yet

    ● Tournaments: Ranklist shows detailed info for each rank on click

    ● Tournaments: Click on ranked player/guild “inspect” icon → open player profile / guild

    ● Tournaments: Show “my” Rank on front page

    ● Tournaments: Show “No players joined” if no players have joined yet

    ● Tournaments: Open guild tournaments implemented

    Known issues

    • Using Diplomat card for repositioning a road of the active player can lead to a invisibility of that road for other players
    • Wedding card can in some cases be used on opponents with less VP
    • Saboteur card can in some cases be used on opponents with less VP
    • New visualization of resource cards is still being finalized
    • Camera zoom on the trading board, when using a high zoom range, will be adapted in the upcoming updates

  • Patchnotes for Update_7 02-24-2016


    This update focuses on bug fixes regarding special card combinations and brings updates for the matchmaking mechanism as well as new CaK & Seafarers scenarios.

    Fixed issues:

    ●Fixed: Issue in build menu, if player build a city improvement and directly build something

    ●Fixed: Issue with diplomat development card

    ● Fixed: Issue with wedding progress card in Seafarer+ Cities and Knights scenarios

    ● Fixed: Issue with saboteur progress card in Seafarer+ Cities and Knights scenarios

    ● Fixed: Issue with master merchant progress card in Seafarer+ Cities and Knights scenarios

    ● Fixed: Highlighted chat icon in game even if no new messages was send

    ● Fixed: Issue that an opponent knight was removed from the board after playing intrigue progress card

    ● Fixed: Blocker with treasures Seafarer maps and choose progress card + wrong overlay texts

    ● Fixed: Issue that the game can block if the player gets a progress card for defeating the barbarians, has to discard a progresscard for exceeds the hand card limit and the robber was rolled.

    Newly added functions or improvements:

    ● Activated new SF+SuR Scenarios “The Fog Islands”, “The Treasure Island” and Great Catan

    ● Reworked Matchmaking (Custom, Auto, Quick): could crash in some cases, or not match into game

    Known issues:

    • We’re investigating an issue that can cause the game to go out of sync after the robber is rolled

    • Leaving a game while the resource distribution animation is running or popup that requires an action (e.g. barbarian invasion) is opened, can cause the main menu to become unresponsive

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    Patchnotes for Update_8 03-09-2016

    Please Note:

    The known issues regarding multiplayer invitations when in character screen, the trade display issue and the possible AI blocker will be fixed in a hotfix later this week!

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed: The Oases scenario blocks after first dice roll

    ● Fixed: Blocked build candidates

    ● Fixed: The AI will now check for attractive settlements in a short distance (1) for landing points (Seafares+C&R)

    ● Fixed: Possible Crash if the AI doesn’t find a Knight for activation while the barbarians are close to the island

    ● Fixed: Random scenario now randomizes the desert too

    ● Fixed: Merchant placement on the same position didn’t remove the other merchant

    ● Fixed: In some setups, the longest road wasn’t calculated correctly

    ● Fixed: Overlays were missing at some actions.

    ● Fixed: Engineer was playable even if the player had no walls left

    ● Fixed: Blocker if a player leaves a multiplayer session

    ● Fixed: Blocker if Ai player tries to play the diplomacy card to remove an enemy road

    ● Fixed: The Crane card will no longer be played if the AI is not able to upgrade a city (e.g. because no city exists)

    ● Fixed: The AI is no longer able to give away commodities while using the Commercial Harbour card

    ● Fixed: AI Players are no longer allowed to build roads over water while playing the road building card in a Cities and Knights­Seefarer game

    ● Fixed: Missing Gamelog entries

    ● Fixed: Blocker if AI doesn’t want to trade with all possible players after using the Commercial Harbour card. The Commercial Harbour card is now skippable also by the human player.

    ● Fixed: The AI usage of the monopoly card

    ● Fixed: AI players don't play Mining or Irrigation if they don't get any

    Newly added functions or improvements

    ● Additional scenarios “The Four Islands” and ”Treasure Island” for 4 player.

    ● Added in game shortcuts:

    ○ “n” for roll dice and next player

    ○ “Spacebar” to skip overlays and confirm actions (e.g. trade)

    ○ “Enter” open chat window

    ● Player off/online and in game indicator in friend/guild lists (green= online; yellow= in game)

    Known Issues:

    ● On larger maps the AI calculations may result in performance issues on some devices (gameplay and animation lags)

    • Accepting a multiplayer game invite while in the character customization screen can cause overlay problems. Please leave the customization screen before accepting a game invite. (Will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix later this week!)

    Please leave the character customization screen before accepting invites to multiplayer games

    • In multiplayer games, trade feedback can show as "accepted" although the menu is still waiting for input from the other player. (Will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix later this week!)

    If you should accept a trade which other users don´t have responded to yet, you won´t get any resources. To restart the trading process, please close the trading menu via the “X” button and open the trade board anew.

    • AI may block if it wants to remove the pirate in the C&R + Seafarers scenarios (Will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix later this week!)

  • Patchnotes for Update_9 10-09-2016

    This hotfix-update fixes the known issues mentioned in yesterday's patchlog:

    • Accepting a multiplayer game invite while in the character customization screen works correctly again
    • Trade feedback in multiplayer games now updates correctly and will no longer show as "accepted" although the menu is still waiting for input from another player
    • AI once again properly moves the pirate in the C&K + Seafarers scenarios

  • Patchotes_Update_10 3.23.2016

    Please note the known issue regarding the costum match in the WebGL version

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed: Terms of Use was not shown properly

    ● Fixed: Chat view doesn’t scroll properly

    ● Fixed: No error message if the user tries to create a guild without a description

    ● Fixed: UI crash when player left Multiplayer game

    ● Fixed: friend buttons active, but no functionality

    ● Fixed: Friends Screen ­ missing localisation, wrong header text displayed

    ● Fixed: In some cases a city could not build, after losing a city in case of a barbarian attack.

    ● Fixed: The longest road was not correctly calculated if sea tiles were involved

    ● Fixed: Camera animation of barbarian indicator

    Newly added functions or improvements

    ● Improved friend search ­ search for more than 1 friend, auto­complete

    Known issues

    • Accepting invitations to custom matches with the WebGL version can cause a crash. We are currently investigating the issue

    ● On greater maps the AI calculations results in lower game performance (gameplay and animation lags)

    • On random map there is the possibility that same number are put adjacent

  • Patchnotes Update_11 04_20_2016

    Fixed Issues:

    ● fixed: Wrong values in game statistics

    ● fixed: Animation in Win Screen

    ● fixed: Scrollbar in shop-screen jumps to top of list

    ● fixed: Sounds of submenu buttons attached to volume settings

    ● fixed: AI tried to build road instead of settlement

    ● fixed: AI crashed when all of his/her settlements were already built

    ● fixed: AI will now choose resources from treasures

    ● fixed: AI should no longer steal the first progress card while using the spy

    ● fixed: Not able to build a knight after deserter was played

    ● fixed: Ai now place Knights

    ● fixed: Destroyed cities no longer generate trading goods

    ● fixed: Add missing text for Warlod progress card

    ● fixed: no neighbouring red numbers at random Maps

    • fixed: Start field of the Robber was corrected at Great-Catan

    • fixed: Some users could not leave guild correctly

    • fixed:The turn timer destroys the visual parts of all city candidates while choosing a city for barbarian removal

    • fixed: AI crashed if no building projects was generated

    Newly added functions or improvements

    ● Animated loading Screen with in­game hints

    ● In-game hints (can be deactivated in the option screen)

    ● Shuffled Scenarios for singleplayer and Multiplayer (Currently always on at multiplayer)

    ● Turn timer! (Is active in Quick-Match and Auto-Match. In a Custom-Match the timer is configurable.)

    -> If an action is required by a user the Ai will take action for the User as soon as the timer is up

    -> If no action is required the turn is passed after the timer is up

    **Known Issues: **
    • Accepting invitations to custom matches with the WebGL version can cause a crash. We are currently investigating the issue
    ● On greater maps the AI calculations results in bad game performance (gameplay and animation lags)

  • Patchnotes Update_12 05_04_2016

    Fixed Issues:

    • Optimized loading screen for various aspect ratios
    • Revised matchmaking to prevent empty sessions
    • When players have connection problems while loading the game, the game will now return to the main menu
    • Fixed item selection issue in character customization when clicking repeatedly on one item
    • Optimized tooltips
    • Fixed wrong color on pirate game piece
    • Fixed merchant fleet bonus for commodities
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the robber to disappear if a merchant was placed on the same tile

    Newly added functions or improvements

    • Revised desktop versions of Auto Match and Custom Match screens
    • Auto Match now takes language settings into account, e.g. matches players with same language first
    • Custom Match invitations now show more details
    • Cities & Knights: Added instruction book in build menu with information on city improvement bonuses
    • The player profile now includes a preferred player color selection
    • Added various hints and tooltips throughout the game (toggle via options menu)

    Known issues

    • On greater maps the AI calculations results in bad game performance (gameplay and animation lags)
    • We’re still working on fixes for some multiplayer matchmaking issues. Until these are resolved, synchronization errors (e.g. “empty” games) when setting up multiplayer games might occur.

  • Patchnotes Update_13 06_30_2016

    Fixed issues

    ● Fixed: Multiplayer stability

    ● Fixed: In­Game Camera controls could result in bad viewing angles

    ● Fixed: Jittering in Camera controls

    ● Fixed: Zoom level max value was adjusted

    ● Discarding of progress cards

    ● AI should no longer play the warlord card if no knight can be activated

    ● AI should activate knights again in case of a barbarian emergency

    ● AI will no longer play the trade monopoly card if no commodity can be received

    ● AI now uses the robber more understandable

    ● Close Trade-Board via Back-button

    ● Remove out of sync while starting phase

    Newly added functions or improvements

    ● Changed player colours

    ○ Single player modes now allow for adjustment of customization options equivalent to custom match

    ○ Selectable AI opponents

    ○ 4 player scenarios are now possible with 3 players

    ○ It is now possible to add AI players to a custom match (multiplayer)

    ● New indicator for barbarian and knight strength for Cities and Knights

    ● New UI elements

    ● New Tradeboard

    ● Wildcard trade

    ● Trade Preferences

    ● Almanach

    ○ New next round and roll dice button to highlight active player status

    ○ New ticker message added to reduce blocking overlay windows

    ○ Different AI strenght now selectable

    Known issues

    ● On bigger maps the AI calculations result in bad game performance (gameplay and animation lags)

    Please Note: If you are using the WebGL version of the game (browser), make sure that you are using 64-Bit version of the Browser. If you are not using a 64-Bit Browser Version you may experiencing issues while loading the game. 64-Bit versions of Chrome and Firefox can be downloaded via the websites of the providers free of charge. If you are not using a 64-Bit browser we recommend you to download the client version via our website.

  • Patchnotes Update_14 07_13_2016

    Fixed issues:

    ● Async issues if users start game with AI players
    ● General AI fixes

    Newly added functions or improvements:

    ○ Hard AI difficulty is implemented
    ○ Removed build button and allow swipe to build menu

    By zooming out and adjusting the camera you can now access the “build menu”. This change is in preparation for further enhancements of the building system in general. We want to speed to the building process in general and get rid of unnecessary clicks. This is a first step and there is more to come. We would appreciate if you let us know what you think of this change.

    ● Performance optimization for:
    ■ WebGL
    ○ Player can configure victory points for custom matches
    ■ Singleplayer
    ■ Multiplayer
    ● Optimized textures

    Known Issues:

    Please Note: Unfortunately the patch will not include the fix for the issue regarding the “pass-trun” Button when building a city improvement. You are currently able to work around this issue (non-displayed “pass-turn” button) by clicking on your development cards or suggesting a trade. The “pass-turn” button should appear again after you did that.

    ● On bigger maps the AI calculations may result in bad game performance (gameplay and animation lags)

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    Patchnotes Update_15_Hotfix 07_20_2016

    Fixed Issues:

    • Fixed auto-Match issue. All auto-Matches shouldn now end after the correct amount of VP gain
    • Fixed "Oasis" Scenario it is now ready to be played again

  • Changelog

    Catan Universe Update_16 01.09.2016

    Fixed issues

    o Fixed: Issues when a player reconnects to a multiplayer game, causing the game to stop or go out of sync
    o Fixed: Issues caused by the AI while playing the Road Building card

    Newly added functions or improvements

    Quick Build allows to build directly on the board by clicking on the position you want to build on without going via the build menu.

    o Supported building projects: Settlement, City, Knight, City Improvement, Ships
    o Knight actions
    o Opponent players’ remaining buildable board pieces are now shown at the sides of the board

    During single-player games, AI trade offers that can´t be matched by the player won´t show up

    AI is now able to react to “Wild-Card” trade offers

    Multiplayer scenarios can now be finished with one remaining human player, e.g. if all other human players have left the game and were replaced by AI players the game can still be finished

    Enter key functionality

    o Login and Register screen input fields now support the Enter key
    o Fixed chat windows: Only Enter key sends chat messages

    Added detailed scenario information and rules

    o In single-player and multi-player scenario selection: Select the scenario and click on the “?” Button
    o In-game: Scenario info / Options screen → Current scenario
    o Click the “Play-Button” in the scenario list to load and continue a saved game

    ELO Leader boards

    o Global and friends player rankings
    o Guild rankings
    o Added player search in ELO leader boards


    o Added a dust animation when placing game pieces
    o In any chat: Player name and time are displayed the player’s colour
    o Game log entries are linked to the Catan Almanac → Click to see info on entry. Please note that the Almanac links are still being worked on.
    o Improved scrolling → e.g. Almanac scrolls to selected entry
    o Updated waiting screen (wait for game session), with state update and player list

    Desktop UI

    o Separate guild chat screen in main menu
    o Reworked parts of the in-game UI to optimize desktop usability e.g. permanent chat window and repositioned buttons

  • Changelog

    Catan Universe Update_ 17_Hotfix 09.07.2016

    Fixed Issues:

    • Metropolis built on a city with city walls only showed the Metropolis

    • Victory points for Auto-Match now are correct again

    • Default Turntimer set to 90 seconds

    Known Issue:

    • Some of you may experience from time to time that an empty table is loaded when starting a multiplayer game. We are currently investigating the causes for that issue.

  • Changelog

    Catan Universe Update_18 10.06.2016

    Fixed issues:

    ● Fixed: multiplayer - clients showed different maps

    ● Fixed: no more phantom ships and/or lost ships

    ● Fixed: wrong calculation of development card victory points (Cities&Knights vs. Base Game)

    ● Fixed Tooltip positioning (no more overlapping mouse cursor etc.)

    ● Fixed friendslist being not updated correctly (only one player was befriended, not the other)

    ● Fixed issue in “replace knight” / knight menu - could crash the game

    ● Fixed issue: start player could not move ships from start phase in first round

    ● Fixed: moving a ship could cause instabilities / loss of ship

    ● Fixed: building in start phase and clicking on build menu crashed the game

    ● Fixed: Turn timer issues with playing progress cards

    ● Fixed: Turn timer issues with selecting cities (barbarian has arrived)

    ● Fixed: diverse scrollrects - missing click area caused strange behaviour while scrolling through lists

    ● Fixed: Names were swapped on message “you were robbed” / wedding card

    ● Fixed: German localization on English registration screen

    ● Fixed: possible crashes in Almanac / could not be viewed

    ● Fixed: Card fans were not zoomable while hovering over build cost card

    Known issues:

    ● On greater maps the AI calculations results in bad game performance (gameplay and animation lags)

  • Catan Universe Update_ 19 12.08.2016

    New Features

    • Implemented new and improved AutoMatch matchmaking
    o better updating of amount of matched players
    o immensely improved initialisation of games
    • Added ability to
    o block players (no more matchmaking, muted in-game, no more friendships)
    o mute players (during game session)
    o report players to support (players can be reported for several reasons, including unsportsmanlike behaviour e.g leaving a game prematurely)
    o add player as a friend (in-game)
     All these features can be accessed by clicking on the other players Avatar picture in the game as well as in the statistics screen at the end of a game
     A report automatically includes all vital data from the game (like chat-logs and game log) up until the point the report was send

    • Added new audio FX
    • Added click-wobble effect on gamepieces
    • Added new dice icons
    • Improved way to start singleplayer match
    • Quick-Match is now called Free-Match
    • The statistics screen now includes a button to end the game more intuitive

    Fixed issues

    • Fixed: faster candidate animation
    • Fixed click area on development cards
    • Fixed: result statistics show victory card points
    • Fixed: in some situations an opponent knight could not banished
    • Fixed: Blocker if user is in AutoMatch search and got CustomMatch invite

    Known issues

    • On greater maps the AI calculations results in bad game performance (gameplay and animation lags)

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    Catan Universe Update_20 03.23.2017

    Please note for this update we had to reset the all Player statistics and unlocks. For more info please read this post:

    New Features

    • Added Catan The Duell (only Free Match available)
    • Complete interface overhaul of main menu
    • Added new avatar system
    • Added new versus Screen when loading a match
    • Added new Ai character models
    • Added customizable tables and game pieces
    • Added Achievements
    • Guilds can now have 60 members
    • New turn timer visualisation for Catan board game
    • Added Player Specific Punishments for stalling or leaving the game (PsP) (for additional info see here: )
    • Added Tutorials for the board game
    • Added “Badges” to the board game ( for additional info see here:
    • Added “Bubble-System” for board game ( for additional info see here:
    • Added the display of progress cards that are currently active in a match
    • Added new level progress system
    • Optimized Ai calculations
    • Added new Custom Match lobby chat

    Fixed issues:

    • Wrong text in treasure pop-up
    • Land tiles didn’t load
    • Scrolling in statistics using the mouse wheel didn’t work properly
    • Leave button didn’t allow to leave game and caused interface to disappear instead
    • Custom Match got closed for all participants as soon as one of them left the match
    • White plain plane instead of avatar within character window after leaving a match
    • Standalone client being Unity default setup on start-up settings screen (now CU branded)
    • Overlay issue when enlarging the view of hand cards and getting resources while those are enlarged
    • Freeze after clicking “Devcard”- stack
    • Barbarian/knight counter didn’t update when a knight rank 2 got activated or active rank 1 got upgraded to rank 2
    • Scenario information Greater Catan wrong order
    • Barbarian / knight strength counter showed 0/0 when continuing a saved match even when players got active knights / cities
    • Custom matches were not closed when finished
    • Reconnected to empty game when reconnect timer ran out
    • Disconnect timer already stopped when disconnected player entered main menu
    • Wrong values in win/lose screen
    • Gamelog not scrolling down automatically until reaching latest event when opening it at a later time
    • Auto Match chose 1 random preferred scenario of one participant’s selection even if another participant didn’t select that one
    • Weird/broken trade ratios when getting a trade ratio improvement (e.g. merchant) after having a bank trade pre-set before
    • Crash via trade board because of active ok button without selected trading partner
    • AI rarely freezing upon usage of wedding card because of wrong resource calculation
    • Disconnect Icon still visible after reconnect
    • Popup for leaving game needed to be cancelled several times to disappear
    • Current ELO values not updating in player profile statistics
    • AI not working if used as first player on custom match
    • Won games didn’t show up in player statistics screen properly
    • Players couldn´t move knight properly
    • Ai froze on random occasions due to opposing interests
    • Fixed chat wordwrap
    • Wrong calculations of longest road
    • And many many more minor bugs and glitches…

    Known Issues:

    • A wrong version is displayed in the client Version of the game. It still displays 1.0.26. The correct version is 1.1.1
    • If you hit the checkbox in the timer warning pop-up –“don´t show me again” the warning pop up will never be shown and can´t be recovered

    • If you should run into trouble while loading the game in your browser please enter the page with an privat or incognito tab

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