How can CatanUniverse be wrong in so many ways compared with the previous PlayCatan?

  • I really tried to see the Good and Bad between the 2 versions. Why would anyone replace something old with a newer version that:
    -takes 3*times more to play
    -has all kinds of screen flash errors
    -needs 3 different screens to gather what before was fit in only on - just for the sake of a 3D version?
    -has got online and is full of bugs? Usually when you put version online you check the main bugs
    -has only 1 map
    The only positive thing I could get from this new Universe thing is the 3D version and the replacement of a player that leaves with a bot.
    Thank you

  • Most of the problems come from the fact that they want to make the same UI for tablet/mobile players and PC players. Whis would bring all the players together... And it is total bullshit. PC gamers are suffering for it and this is definitely the majority of players here.

    The bugs come from the early access / alpha version. They haven't tested this thing and they hope that we will find and report all defects to them for free. I'm not doing it. This is cheap and bad practice and you will have a lot more production defects coming, this just gives more work for developers and if the contracts are the way they normally are, USM has to pay more to Exozet for fixing these bugs as well.

    There is a random map too, you have to scroll down (I don't know why random map isn't the normal case. WTF?!). But the "random map" always has desert in the middle.

    Also the 3d version is ugly and unnecessary, also a battery hog. 2d is better in all ways for Catan. Also, the general menu UI is just crap. Just give us an easy UI with buttons instead of artsy-fartsy villages we have to click on. Just wastes a lot of space where you could give us more information on stuff. Purely speaking as a PC gamer because playing Catan from mobile is peasantry.

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    @Lucutzu You can unlock more scenarions by clicking on the store. There you can unlock all expansions for free during the early access.

    Please note the game is still in early access and it is not a finished product yet. You are more then welcome to give us your feedback here in the forums.

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