May have been covered, but observations on trading

  • 1st: a lot of these issues would be solved by using a trading system like the playcatan - where it was 'passive' by not requiring a response from the user.

    1: don't show the user trades from the computer that the user can't make. This is the most frustrating part about the game play.
    2: perhaps a 'no trades this turn' option would be beneficial. Or 'no trades this turn for 'x y z' resources, or even, decline all trades unless minimum 2:1 / 3:1 etc
    3: when trading with the computer, it would be nice to have an open trade - example " i have a brick to trade, what do you have to offer"
    4: when the computer offers a trade, it would be nice for more options than just decline. if we could edit the quantity of the resource offered or requested, or even a different resource all together.

    1. the computer doesn't like to trade when initiated by the user. i've gone several games where i've only successfully initiated one or two trades. it's maddening.
      example: computer offers one wood for one ore when it's their turn. User declines trade, computer does not trade for resource with another computer player. On the very next turn (user's turn) user proposes same trade and it's declined. --- I wouldn't expect this to be accepted every time, but i've never had a trade work with this scenario.
      another example: computer gains 4 brick and brings card total to 12. user offers a 1:1 trade - no trade.

    Trading is the key to this game, and right now the interface and system's logic are really frustrating.

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