General information about Catan Universe and its creators

  • In Catan Universe, you’ll be able to trade, build, and settle - anywhere and anytime!

    Munich-based publishing company USM and the game development team at exozet in Berlin have been working on digital Catan games since 2006.

    We’re currently developing our latest Catan game, Catan Universe. By joining players from mobile devices, PC, and Mac, we aim to create the biggest online community for Catan.

    Of course, we’re all great fans of the original Catan games, but we regularly play other board games and tabletops as well. We create Catan Universe for you as well as for ourselves and look forward to playing with you!

    During the testing phase called Early Access, we’ll let you play – at a very early stage – a brand new digital Catan product that is still under development. This early stage is very important, as it allows us to compile and react to your feedback. This allows us to develop the game play experience accordingly, and – at the same time – to test and extend our backend systems. Our goal is to create a completely new product with lots of new features and, ultimately, a better overall online Catan experience for everyone. We want your help in order to build that Universe.

    During Catan Universe's free Early Access phase, we are offering you a limited version of the full game for public testing. This means that not all of its functions/graphics/interfaces are final; there will be some bugs, too. Furthermore, this Early Access version does not provide all the content that is considered to be part of the final version—much of which is still in the early implementation phase. In the course of the Early Access period, we will continue to add many other scenarios, play modes, and functions for early adopters to try out and to test. As we receive feedback from the Catanian community, we will continue to improve the game itself via regular game updates and technical tests. Please be aware that these updates and tests will affect the availability of the game servers, and that they can slow down the loading times of the game.

    On this web site, you will find a version that can be played directly via a browser on current systems, or via a downloadable Windows client. Other platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, will be supported at a later date, but are unavailable at this time. After registering in either of these versions, you’ll be able to use the same login information to access the forum.

    Together with you, we will make use of the Early Access phase to continuously improve Catan Universe during its development. We’d like to use this opportunity to thank all players and testers for their valuable feedback via our forums!

    Head over to the forums to see what is new or to chat with your fellow players.

    See you on Catan!

    USM & exozet