Kicking me out

  • Me saca del juego a los 10 segundos de estar jugando, cuando minimizo la ventana de juego. Estoy jugando desde la PC. Por qué?
    In my last two game, i was playing from the PC, when I minimized the windows, the game kicking me out, why?? Idk why this happen, in other cases you have like a 120 seconds and 3 strike before the game kick you out

  • It seems you played on the Browser version when this happened. This has technical reasons because the browser window will turn inactive once in the background - the server won't get info on your online status anymore, therefore starting the timer as if you were offline.

  • OK, I get it. but I was offline like for 10 seconds only. in other times i spend more time offline and not always kicking me out, sometimes does and somestimes doesnt.

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