Loosing for weeks!!

  • I'm loosing catan games back to back whole day from past 3-5 days, why is this happening?
    I'm not quitting from any match, I'm randomly given 1st to place or last to place (last place mostly, disappointed: ).

    I lost my elo, gain my elo, not able to understand what I'm doing wrong, I place on 5,9,10,8,6.

    If I place on the numbers which rolls most, the numbers never come up,
    If cards are more before next turn comes, it will be a 7. Am I being haunted by software?

    I take development cards, longest roads, longest army, but still loose

    what is happening with my profile, so irritating, still I try to play, is there a place where I need to read and learn before I play?

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