How to change username (harassment)

  • I made the mistake of using my go-to handle (pinkkatydid) and over the past year, other players have explicitly, repetitively, INTENSELY hit on me in front of all the other players (and usually won't stop until the game ends or I forfeit) and/or they get mad at me for something and go off on the most horrifically detailed descriptions of what state my body parts are all in. And I worked at GameStop after school—trust me, this is impressively creepy and explicit.

    I can change my avatar but the name still seems to clue them in that I'm a lady. It would also be nice if there were some androgynous avatars, or if the "pets" didn't all cost actual money... for a bunch of reasons, but I just don't wanna display my gender to everyone on the internet.

    Anyway I just want to change my name to MarioDeskartes. Ideally I would also like to be a llama.

    Thank you.

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