Catan Universe client

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    How to start CU with the client:

    Please download the launcher from our website:

    You will download one file named CatanUniverse_EarlyAccess_setup

    Run this file by double clicking on it

    Follow the steps displayed by the installation shield

    We highly recommend the suggested installation path

    To start the game and the possible update process please run the shortcut on your desktop

    If you don´t have a shortcut on your desktop, search for the game data on your hard drive. The default the location of Catan Universe is: C:\CatanUniverse

    Run the file CatanLauncher

    After a short check for updates and the possibility to set some graphical options the game starts by clicking the “Play!” Button

    You can now register for Catan Universe by following the steps mentioned here:

    If you already have an account just enter your account information

    If you should have issues with the launcher please contact us via or if you should already be registered in the official CU forums

    The launcher also supports 64-Bit Windows operating systems. If you should experiencing performance issues with the WebGL version, try to download the launcher and follow the steps above.

    Users which login via the launcher will of course be able to play with WebGL users.

    Please note that the launcher will only be available during the early access and will only work on devices with Windows operating systems (mobile devices like phones and tablets excluded). After the early access we will use platforms like Steam to make Catan Universe available to our 32-Bit OS users.

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