Catan Universe doesn't care about the users.

  • It is normal to expect some bugs while a program matures, but there are some fundamental problems with this game that ruins the experience for all. It is quite an investment in time to play a game and with some sloppy code stops or suspends it, it is a failure clean and simple.
    My bigger problem is the lack of importance these developers/managers have in addressing these things. It feels like they just are putting in the hours for their paycheck and lack any empathy for the users.
    This is how many good games eventually fail online. You can't lean on the Catan name forever.

    I am now going to go and try Colonist, the alternative, so see if they have more interest in the users.

  • @SirMikeOfHouston I have to say that I was mistaken in thinking Colonist would be a good alternative. Among other things, it is less intuitive and graphically inferior to Catan. I really wish Catan Universe stays a successful enterprise and is THE place to play, but they need to respond better to all the bugs reported, and certainly need to listen to their customers more. I am a developer and to show more statistics would take about 1 day to produce a stats page. As an example, I am not worried about the random dice outcomes, but many are. It would be minor to provide the stats they want, but some manager feels he knows better and it simply dies there.
    This type of hubris destroys customer bases and kills companies.

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