Enchanted Land

  • I love playing Catan. I have recently started playing this scenario and I cannot work out how to place a knight on the island. Can someone help me please,

  • In order to get a knight to the enchanted island you must first build a trade route (ships) that connects with the island. Then you have to build a knight ON the main island along that route. If the route starts in the ocean and does not have a section along the coast, or a connected road, you won't be able to build a knight. Once you have built the knight on the mainland, you must activate it then wait until your next turn to move it to the island. If you have built q settlement at the end of the route, the knigh will be able to move to an intersection one space away from the settlement.

    Knights on the enchanted island must be active to move or to fight dragons. Your knight can only defeat dragons of equal or lower power than your knight. After moving or fighting the knight will be deactivated and must be reactivated before it can move or fight on a later turn. Knights on the enchanted island do not count for defense against barbarians.

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