Bug in 5-6 Player version of Base Game

  • I think this has been reported before with no response. I will try to appeal to your integrity and conscience one more time. Are you aware that in the 5-6 player version the stats for the players are not displayed? They display for the first player only. Thanks in advance for conscientiously acknowledging this issue.

  • It's not a bug, it's a 'feature' to save space. You can switch which player's stats are displayed by selecting that player. You can also cycle through which stat is displayed by clicking on the up-down button under the header. You can expand the player to see all their stats. The only thing you can't do is show all the players stats at once. The typical response from the admins on this issue is to use the stats button on the left to see all of them.

    Unfortunately, this really is not a good solution since you can't see the board and have to scroll up and down to see all the stats.

    I would prefer to be able to see at least one stat for all players. Even better would be to always show the score plus one other stat.

  • Thanks! Never thought of trying to touch/click on the user to see if stats showed.

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